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Window 8 and Windows 8.1 Upgrade Information and Windows 8 Tips
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Re: Window 8 Upgrade Information and Windows 8 Tips

If your trying to do a upgrade, you wil get security essential error message, you can try doing a clean install of win 8 pro.

Because few applications does not work if you upgrade it. for clean install you can follow these steps.

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Re: Window 8 Upgrade Information and Windows 8 Tips

Microsoft Security Essentials won't install on Windows 8 (any version) as Windows 8 already has Windows Defender built into it,  For more info please see the Microsoft answers forum on using Windows Defender with Windows 8


Also Best to uninstall before upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8


Windows Defender Info and Checklist prior to activating or reverting to after removing 3rd party antivirus





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Re: Window 8 Upgrade Information and Windows 8 Tips

Microsoft offers no help and neither does HP when it comes to Microsofts newest disaster Windows 8.1


Don't use their cloud as it is horrible and Microsoft is not trust worthy--worked with UK to hack users passwords


If you have a router and cloud, anyone using your router is screwed, it will freeze their computer---my wife and kids have Apple and now when they use my router to connect to the internet their computers freeze--Microsoft could care less as does HP--Windows 8.1 is another disaster just like ME---I should have bought Apple--


had xp and it was great--Bill Gates and his Microsoft Henchmen put an end to that--tried to get HP to help and that was a lost cause--thought they were both good companies and now I find out differently

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Re: Window 8 Upgrade Information and Windows 8 Tips

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit on my HP desktop. I recently purchased a notebook running Windows 8 that I would like to synchronize with the desktop so both computers have identical updated files. Apparently, the Vista Home system won't allow this. I was thinking of a windows upgrade to overcome this obstical but I am not sure if that will work and I don't know which version to upgrade to. Any advice would be welcomed.

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Re: Window 8 Upgrade Information and Windows 8 Tips

I just picked up a Pavilion 500 at Best Buy... And find that what I'd been told about Windows 8 is correct.

IT IS AWFUL... or is that OFFAL!?

I sincerely hope the 8.1 upgrade apparently due Friday fixes the 1000s of problems 8 has.. but not holding my breath.

Going back to Windows 7 if the upgrade is just more of the same offalness.

And what is with that joke keyboard that comes in the box with the computer?

Piss poor.

I've been using hp products for years in flight test instrumentation and found these to be of the highest quality.

The new computers.. not so good!

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Re: Window 8 Upgrade Information and Windows 8 Tips

The 8.1 update is worse. Drivers for hp p1006 and epson 2200 do not work, among other issues. There are no features or fixes to old problems that I can see.


If you are on 8.0, DO NOT update to 8.1. And certainly if you are still using 7, stick with it. 8/8.1 is pure **bleep**.



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Re: Window 8 Upgrade Information and Windows 8 Tips

I used 8.1 about 6/7 weeks  ago when it was still the beta version but soon to be released.  Crashed my computer, before the smoke cleared it cost me 400 dollars to get it fixed.  Paid the first two hundred to Best Buy and when I went to download my saved files, it wouldn't download them so I went to HP who referred my to a Microsoft specialist who was going to charge me to fix it but when I told him what happened he messed with the computer for an hour or so and got Office downloaded---but then my Kaspersky had been replaced by Microsoft Security essentials.  Later on and not much later, a day, my computer crashed again.  Went back for help and again was referred to a Microsoft specialist (all these guys were from India and one said China) I said this should be under warranty and they said no I had been infected by a virus.  Clever way to void all warranties.  It is finally fixed and the guy said he got rid of 8.1 as that was a big problem and put back on 8--so far so good. Never did hear a darn thing from Microsoft when I first downloaded 8.1 and also had signed up to give them feedback and crash reports.  They went on just like Capitol Hll pretending they had the best operating system in the world and nothing was wrong, just a ---well, you get the picture

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Re: Window 8 Upgrade Information and Windows 8 Tips

The lack of backwards compatibility to Windows 7 programs is apparently deliberate. I have to reinstall all my Windows 7 programs.

Thanks for nothing, msoft!

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Re: Window 8 Upgrade Information and Windows 8 Tips

For almost 12 months now I have used Windows 8 on my HP xw6600 Workstation, the one that came out in 2009 with 2 dual quad core Xeon's E5450's with 16 gig bit of DDR2 ECC  ram, an Intel SSD 330 - 120 gig and a Nvidia NVS300 graphics card on two dual monitors, one Samsung BW 2440 and one HP ZR 2330w.


For over a year or so quite frequently I ran into random freezes of my desktop and the task manager seemingly not responding. The Event Viewer  logs showed all kinds of issues with DHCP and other small problems that can occur once in a while but which never really caused my desktop to freeze up like this.


Although my experience with Win 8 besides the freezes where quite good I nevertheless downgraded after a complete failure after upgrading to 8.1.


I am not planning to go to that root again unless


1. HP can give me 100% go with this Workstation, if not I am staying with Windows 7 untill I have  enough funds to perhaps go for a newer  Z600 or later model workstation. Right now I just cannot afford a new Z620 or later. I usually buy my HP machines used but loved an taken care of by previous owners (mostly corporate).


2. Microsoft lets me free to decide wether I  want to logon to my PC (which is indeed part of a LAN with an HP ML110 G5 server (running Windows 2008 R2 Standard 64 bit with 8 gig of memory) with my local account and NOT my / / whatever online (cloud) account I have or have not with Microsoft by default. It should be my choice how to logon by default not the other way around.


3. Microsoft makes the Skydrive integration optional for me to choose. Personally I would not mind the integration of the US or any Federal gov. agency would not exist but they do and they are run by mostly imcompetent and in many occassions evil malicious people which have no regards for private property or the rule of law.


4. Microsoft should really fix this third party anti-virus/anti-malware competitability issues with vendors like McAfee, ESET, Bitdefender and Kaspersky.  I ran into trouble with all of them on Windows 8 and even more so on Windows 8.1





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Re: Window 8 Upgrade Information and Windows 8 Tips

I had Windoze 8 exterminated from my Pavilion and Windows 7 installed at Best Buy.

All the very strange program responses I was seeing haven't returned.

I get the feeling that W8 is designed to be incompatible with all W7 programs.

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