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Z820 w/Nvidia Quadro K2000 - laggy video - can't update drivers

Title says it all, really.


I have a month or so old Z820 with the Nvidia Quadro K2000 video card. I'm not even doing any 3D work but just dragging windows around the desktop they leave trails and artifacts behind. They don't stay on the screen but it's just as though the card is slow at drawing which absolutely should not happen.


Here's the other thing: when I try to install updated drivers from either Nvidia or from the HP site the driver install fails. That's it...I just get a message in the installer that "driver installation failed." From a computer repair/troubleshooting standpoint this definitely isn't my first rodeo but I am totally mystified by this mainly because there's no log or indication of what the problem is.


System particulars:



dual Xeon 8-core processors with liquid cooling

64GB memory

Nvidia Quadro K2000 2G

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit


Note that I am not running Aero. I have turned off all of the graphics bells-and-whistles in Windows. My machine looks like it's running Windows NT as a result.


Thanks for reading.


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Re: Z820 w/Nvidia Quadro K2000 - laggy video - can't update drivers

Here's what I would do.  First, take a look via Device Manager at what drivers you currently are running with.  Your and my cards both have the same driver set, from nVidia, which were released late last month (version 320.78).  Note that those are the last 5 digits of the driver version you see in Device Manager.  That's how nVidia designates them:



Device Manager.jpg


I'd then go to, drivers download, and navigate to their Quadro drivers download, and get the driver installer package saved onto your desktop.  When you click on Search you'll get the 320.78 version downloaded:




The path.jpg


I'd then go into Control Panel/ Programs and Features, and uninstall anything that had to do with nVidia video, and finally shut down.  Unplug your network cable.... you don't want your system to start auto-downloading nVidia drivers.  There is a way to avoid that, but unplugging the network cable is handy until you get the newest ones on, from the installer you have on your desktop.  Startup.  For now you'll be running on generic VGA drivers built into W7, but have none of the special drivers and accelerators that the card deserves.  Set your screen resolution up to native.  Check again to make sure nothing was left behind in Programs and Features.


Launch the 320.78 installer, choose custom, check the little box to get a Clean install there.  Stick with only the single pre-checked option (the driver, which will get you the actual driver, accelerators, and also the control panel).  Proceed with the install.  Shutdown.  Plug in your network cable.  Startup.


Go to Windows Update, and choose the "hide" option if nVidia video drivers are offered via that.... they will be older than what you have now.


Then let us know how things worked.  I really have not been adding in the other unchecked options later, from relaunch of the installer, because I have not needed them.

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Re: Z820 w/Nvidia Quadro K2000 - laggy video - can't update drivers

My current version is That is what was preinstalled by HP.


I did basically what you said and the install failed again. This time the system ended up not being able to detect the Nvidia card at all and I was left with standard VGA. Rebooting did not cause the system to find the adapter so I had to restore from a recent restore point which got me back to normal.


I did discover something interesting. This may be a Windows issue (why am I not surprised). When I am running in bare-bones WinNT mode (Advanced System Settings > Adjust for best performance) I see the laggy performance like I described but if I switch on Aero the problem disappears and things seem to work smoothly like they should.


I guess I'll run a benchmark on this and see if it's really got a problem that I should be worried about. Any recommendations on a good video benchmark utility?



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PhD Student
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Re: Z820 w/Nvidia Quadro K2000 - laggy video - can't update drivers

I've never seen a good video card behave this way.


I'd personally get out a spare FX3700 and reload exactly as detailed previously to prove whether that K video card is good or bad.


Sorry you're going through this.......  It is not normal or expected, even with Microsoft software.  :smileyhappy:



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Re: Z820 w/Nvidia Quadro K2000 - laggy video - can't update drivers

As Scott recommended, please unisntall the old version of NVIDIA driver and then install the latest driver from HP web site. If you still have the problem, I suspect the NVIDIA graphics card. Please call HP Support to replace the video card.

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