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can i upgrade the HP TouchSmart 600-1120 Desktop PC

so the best buy guy i got this thing from was full of it. my bad i should of researched it. anyway so now im looking to upgrade the i3 2.13Ghz to something better. id also like to upgrade the video card if i can. after looking online for awhile to find specs for all this stuff and check compatibilty im about ready to bang my head on the wall till i dont care Smiley Happy


1. can i upgrade to a 3Ghz + processor?


2 can i upgrade the video card? everything ive looked at about this comp has been as vauge as usual and i dont even know how  good the card in here is. the only number ive seen for it has it listed as a 1.7 .  weiter this 1.7 refers to a video processor or memory i have no idea.


3. other than that its a cool comp


4. every hp page that i could of found useful "isnt avaliable " Smiley Happy



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Re: can i upgrade the HP TouchSmart 600-1120 Desktop PC

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Yes you can upgrade your processor. Currently the processors supported are:



Intel Core i7 820QM Intel Core i7 720QM Intel Core i7 620M Dual Core Intel Core i5 5x0M Dual Core Intel Core i5 430M Dual Core

The newer i7's may be but they run at 55w and the ones listed on HP's site as supported run at 45w or under, so there is a possiblilty of burning the board. I'd go safe and upgrade to a 820QM which is what I am doing this week once it arrives. Also note there may be a BIOS flash but I haven't found anything yet.


As far as the graphics, I see that the 600 Quad series and others have the option to use the MXM Nvidia GeForce GT230 1GB card, HP part number 513184-001 BUT I have yet to see anyone install. I would think that it would be as easy as plugging it in to the PCIe slot on the mobo since this is the same MOBO that is still being used on the latest configurations.  I plan on purchasing a card and then downloading the graphics driver from HP to see what happens.


I'd upgrade the onboard memory to the following:


G.SKILL 8GB (2 x 4GB) 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Laptop Memory Model F3-10600CL9D-8GBSQ


which can be found at for under $150. Since the graphics processor shares the memory that should allow you to play any games. If all else fails, you could purchase an external graphics card.


With the memory upgrade and the i7 upgrade though, this touchsmart should be quite capable of anything you throw at it.


I don't work for HP but I've been building and upgrading desktops and laptops for 10 years.

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Re: can i upgrade the HP TouchSmart 600-1120 Desktop PC

You can upgrade to an MXM card if you don’t already have one. However, one would also need to check that there is a cooling solution for the MXM card already in the system. If not, and I don’t see why HP would include an MXM cooler in any TouchSmart model if an MXM card isn’t factory installed, then you would have to buy and install the cooler as well. Such a cooler likely isn’t cheap since it‘s heat-pipe design is unique to the location of the CPU socket on the specific motherboard. An authorized HP partner will likely have the part though.


More on the point of upgrading, lets say HP eventually releases an Intel Sandy Bridge architecture based Touchsmart system in the not too distant future. As long as the form factor hasn’t changed much and the power requirements remain about the same one should be able to upgrade the motherboard / CPU to the latest tech.  If they can acquire the parts and don’t mind getting their hands dirty that is.

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Re: can i upgrade the HP TouchSmart 600-1120 Desktop PC



I have the TouchSmart 600 and thought that it had an HDMI out port for use in displaying my WMC content on my home theater system.'s an input only.  As someone else in this post say, my bad.  Anyway, can anyone tell me if there is an upgrade video card for this machine that has an HDMI output on it?  I have looked everywhere for details on the  GT230 1GB as it was mentioned below as an upgrade...but I can't find anything to tell me what it has in the way of input and output.  Any help would be appreciated!!!

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Re: can i upgrade the HP TouchSmart 600-1120 Desktop PC

I purchased an i7 820QM processor and installed. Plugged back in and am getting "beeps." Did I miss a BIOS upgrade?


Anyone else have this issue?

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Re: can i upgrade the HP TouchSmart 600-1120 Desktop PC

I am having the exact same problem. I also purchased an Core i7 820QM CPU and am getting BIOS beeps as well. It is listed as an acceptable CPU upgrade. But I keep getting two short and one long beeps. Can anyone help me with this?

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Re: can i upgrade the HP TouchSmart 600-1120 Desktop PC

  • Intel Core i7 820QM Quad Core (C)

  • Intel Core i7 720QM Quad Core (C)

  • Intel Core i7 620M Dual Core (A)

  • Intel Core i5 5x0M Dual Core (A)

  • Intel Core i5 430M Dual Core (A)

These are the CPU's listed as upgrades.  The (C) are ones with quad core, and NO intergrated graphics.  You MUST have a video card installed for these to work.  The (A) are dual cores WITH intergrated graphics, so no need for the MXM  graphics card.  I'm trying to find a solution myself.  I have a 600-1120 with an i3, gross... and want to get a QUAD for the VRRRRMMMMM effect, but can not at this time.  I think i'm just gonna go with the i7 620 and call it quits.  I'll get a big performance increase, but not what I really wanted.  Besides, even if you did get the EXACT right MXM GT230 Nvidia card AND got it to work, you would still need a cooling solution.  It's just not worth the work, time, and money.  Ugh...


Hope this helps...

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Re: can i upgrade the HP TouchSmart 600-1120 Desktop PC

I think the Nvidia Quad series is inferior to the GeForce . The 230 GeForce is much better for games and intense graphics...I have this computer and use it to go on Second a game that demands high end graphics card. I can do ok with my Geforce 230 but would like to upgrade to as high as I can.  I have a backup computer that has a Quad Nividia and it is defintely inferior to GeForce no matter what number it is.


I am trying to determine what is the most powerful Geforce I can use with my system's power limitations .

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