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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Hp omen 17t
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Can a external monitor be used with the omen 17t laptops

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Welcome to our HP User Forum!


Yes, you can use an external monitor with your Omen by HP 17t laptop.


Your laptop has a couple of ways to connect to an external monitor.


Personally, I would consider the mini-DisplayPort as my first choice.


First (Best) Option: get a quality "mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort 1.4 cable" (assuming your monitor has a DisplayPort), such as this example: https://www.amazon.com/Silkland-DisplayPort-FreeSync-Thunderbolt-Compatible/dp/B09Q2TXT39/ref=sr_1_1... or this one: Amazon.com: Mini Displayport Cable 6ft,Toptrend 8K DP [Display Port] Cable 1.4 Supports to 8K 60Hz,4....


Second Option: get a "Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI display adapter cable" *(assuming your monitor has an HDMI port) rated at 4K @ 60Hz, such as this example: https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Basics-DisplayPort-Display-Adapter/dp/B08FBJGLRZ/ref=sr_1_3?crid=FPMEK....


When you initially plug in your external monitor, your laptop will likely default to cloning the laptop's display config, including resolution.  This is easily remedied within Windows Display Settings. After that, the video-out will work exactly like it would on a desktop graphics card. You can run any monitor up to the maximum resolution and refresh rate either your monitor, your graphics card and/or the port supports.


Why my preference for using the mini-DisplayPort?  For G-Sync compatibility, for example, you'll need a mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort 1.4 cable.

For Windows 10, the procedure to change your display preferences used to be to press Windows and the P key at the same time. A sidebar should pop up so you can choose a new display mode. For example, you can extend your screen, so that you get more display real estate to multi-task.

Here are some additional options you have for setting up your monitor:

PC Screen Only: If you choose this option, your computer will only use your laptop screen and turn other portable monitors attached black
Extend: Windows extends your screens so you can work on two screens at the same time
Second Screen Only: Your main laptop screen will turn black so your external display will be the only functional screen
Duplicate: The same actions and images will be shown on both displays

You’ll also want to make sure that you have both your primary and secondary screens configured properly in Windows. One screen will be identified as “1” while the other will be labeled, “2.”


This matters because your screens should mirror your real-life desktop setup.

Follow the directions below to change between your primary and secondary screens:

To change your screen position display settings:

1. Navigate to “Settings”
2. Navigate to “Display”
3. Press “Identify” (which will show you which device is 1 and 2)
4. Click “Select” and rearrange displays as they are physically positioned
5. Press and hold (or select) a display, then drag to rearrange it
6. Press “Apply” to save your display settings


Hope this was helpful.


Kind Regards,



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