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HP Reverb G2
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hello Community,


I've recently received my G2 and it was quite an unlucky start.


The issue I have:

The tracking seems to be off. I would describe it as the tracking rate is not equal to the output rate of the rendered images.

It's almost like the the tracking is behind a frame or only updated with 45 Hz while the frame rate of the video signal is 90 Hz.

If I keep my head still it looks fine but sometimes the view glitches for one frame to the left or the right.

If I rotate my head the situation gets worse. The view stutters or jitters. Sometimes this effect is absent for a second and seems more fluid for a while.

I can also get it more fluid by covering the side cameras with some cloth. I don't really understand why this works.

If i use the flashlights (is it called that way in the english version of WMR?) I can see the image received by the cameras. It looks fine except for a slight glitches every 2 seconds or so.

My room does have one white wall but except for that, there should be enough standing around to offer tracking points.


My hardware:

GPU: RTX 2070 Super

MB: B450 Tomahawk Max

Ryzen 3700


According to SteamVR the FPS is stable at 90. So the GPU performance is not the bottleneck.


My story and all I tried:

I have a B450 mainboard and had issues with an error code 7-14 which seems to be quite a frequent issue with AMD boards. I've then tried to use an USB 3.0 Hub which at least made a connection to the Headset but then I had issues with audio dropouts and the tracking seems to freeze occasionally. I've then bought 2 different USB 3.0 PCIe cards. First I got one from Inateck with a VLI and a Fresco chip on it and then today I received a Inateck card with only one chip coming from Fresco. The audio dropouts appear on some of the ports of these cards, but at least one USB port shows no audio dropouts whatsoever.

The issue remaining is a tracking problem. On my first day the headset worked after some tinkering with an USB port of the mainboard alone. But only for 3 hours and I remember that the tracking was fine.

Now I don't really know what changed. I do remember that I made an BIOS update that day but would this cause these issues?

I've also reinstalled Windows 10 to avoid any issues with broken drivers. I've also downgraded the NVidia drivers of my RTX 2070 Super to version 436 to check if it performs better.

I've also configured the 3D settings of the Geforce driver to use the ones supplied by the application.

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Just posting to say I have this same issue. Using the flashlight I can see occasional frame which looks completely different, which will line up with the tracking going off at the same time.


I have already had to plug the headset into the one USB port which seems to work, and I also had to downgrade the motherboard to run in PCIe v3 mode to get the headset to work at all.


I have the X570 motherboard, Ryzen 5800, RTX 3070. I have tried a number of things but nothing seems to fix this problem so far.

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HI@Slamy, Welcome to the HP Support Community!



Reverb G2 to support the notebook needs to checked taking remote access so that get to know it's a hardware or software issue.


I'd suggest you contact HP in your region regarding the service options for your computer or HP Chat Support Team.



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