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Omen 880-130
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Would I be able to upgrade the Omen 880-130 to a RTX 3070. I currently have a 1080 Ti. I'm concerned about the 500W psu.

PC Specs

Processor: i7-8700k

GPU: GeForce  GTX 1080 Ti

Memory: 32 GB DDR4-2400

Storage:  512GB SSD and 2X 2 TB 7200RPM SATA

PSU: 500w bronze rated from Delta Electronics

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There shouldn't be any reason you couldn't up grade the GPU. The 880 case has lots of room. You could always measure the length of the new card before you purchase. You would want to also upgrade to a 650W or more power supply.

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If you have 1080TI currently running on that PSU without any issues, there is no reason the upgrade to a more powerful one, as the RTX3070 has lower power consumption compared to the 1080TI. 

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I would advise you to check a few points
There are several different model, one might be ok indeed, but the other not.
You have a 1080ti sli
PCIe x16 Gen3
RTX gen 4
It will certainly not work to the max, you will have an advantage, replacing the sli with a card of this type.
Check the dimensions of the model you have found, it should not be too big!

power supply ?



2 x PCI-E 8 broches
Dimensions (L x l x H)
  • 267 x 135 x 52 mm
  • 2.7 slot

NB, I would like one of your gtx 1080ti for Christmas if you change it


OMEN by HP 880-130 Desktop PC Product Specifications



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What HWSense is not realizing is that HP has the Graphics cards specifically configed to HP specs, ergo the 1080ti you have will run on a lower wattage PSU at its max settings (an average GTX 1080ti specs require 600 to 650w PSU's as per name brand MFGs recommendations). HP has always done this. But if the MFG of your "new" card recommends a higher wattage PSU (usually 650w or different), I would follow their recommendations.  500w will work, but most likely not on the GPU's heaviest loads.  You could always leave the old PSU and try it out first.


@Prométhée  The op mentioned a Ti, not SLI configuration. Is that what you meant?




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Wait, so you are saying that HP are redesigning their own PCB and power delivery for the GPU and are just not using the stock reference board? I am not only find that hard to believe but very untrue, as I have disassembled several HP cards in the past and they are an exact match with the reference cards by nVidia. 

I can't imagine that they will spend money and resources to redesign a whole new board, VRMs, mosfets and everything else, as we know all major OEMs like HP and Dell are cutting as many corners as possible, so if they have a reference design that they can use without investing money in development, they will use it. That why we are not seeing custom cooling solutions in none of those brands GPUs, they are all using the basic blower style or cheaper one fan "flower" based solutions. 

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Check out Linus last undercover video as the 2070 in the omen system didnt perform as well as reference due to what appears to be power limitations!

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Dell did even worse 




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Yeah, so they are even using less capable power delivery, not a good news for the RTX 2000's series owners. I had 1070 and 1080 in the past and they were an exact match with the reference. 

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What @Bexy  said, yes.

@hwsense , I might make a mistake once in a while as I'm just a human who volunteers, but I'm not some nefarious bad guy that spews crap on here, just for the sake of it.   😉

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