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Omen 870-032ng
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)



I have an HP Omen 870-032ng with 16GB memory, the stock 256GB SATA SSD (Boot/OS), and an upgraded 2TB (data) Seagate SATA HDD.   I went to install a Crucial  SATA M.2 MX500 1TB  SSD, but I cant get it to register in the BIOS.


I upgraded the BIOS via the HP online install tool, to the latest version, and it still does not register in the BIOS.


The Crucial M.2 SSD works in my Omen Laptop, so I know it is good.


Any assistance would be appreciated.




Doug Larimore




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Hi, Doug:


I have been researching into this for you, and I don't see why the SATA SSD you bought isn't working.


The Crucial memory report indicates SATA M.2 SSD's are supported.  The HP specs state the M.2 SSD is SATA.


The parts list for your PC does not even list the part number for the 256 GB M.2 SSD that came with your PC, or that it came with one at all.


Now here is where it gets interesting...I entered the keywords Thimphu motherboard in the forum search window, and I have found a few posts that reference the board uses NVMe drives.


Could that be the reason the SATA M.2 SSD you bought isn't working?


How many notches are in the 256 M.2 SSD you removed...one or two?


One = NVMe, Two = SATA.


I found this table regarding M.2 keys...


Key IDPin LocationInterface
A8-152x PCIe x1 / USB 2.0 / 12C / DP x4
B12-19PCIe x2/ SATA / USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 / HSIC / SSIC / Audio / UIM / 12C
C16-23Reserved for Future Use
D20-27Reserved for Future Use
E24-312x PCIe x1 / USB 2.0 / 12C / SDIO / UART / PCM
F28-35Futuer Memory Interface (FMI)
G39-46Not Used for M.2; for Custom / Non-Standard Apps
H43-50Reserved for Future Use
J47-54Reserved for Future Use
K51-58Reserved for Future Use
L55-62Reserved for Future Use
M59-66PCIe x4 / SATA


Relevant discussions...







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Hello Paul,


I tested the Crucial drive in a different laptop and it is OK.    

The Crucial M.2 drive has 2 notches, and can only be inserted in one direction.


I noticed in one of the URL's that you cited as a references, that NVMe support was added in BIOS: A0.14...

I have A0.13, and thought that I updated to the latest version (obviously not).  I tried again using HP's online download/install tool.  It starts, then goes away and never finishes (left it over night).  My guess is that this is my issues, but now need help with updating the BIOS.


Thank you,


Doug Larimore

HP Recommended

You're very welcome, Doug.


Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to help you with why the BIOS won't update.


Did you try the direct installation from the exe file?


I also noticed that there are newer BIOS updates than A.014 on the support page.


You can download and run the latest BIOS updates from the link below including A.014...





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