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OMEN 30L Desktop PC GT13-1000i (1S3R6AV)
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi, I recently bought an HP Omen 30L GT13-1065NL. While gaming, the PC has the problems I reported in the title, i.e. stuttering, occasional flash of the screen (as if the brightness changes) and lately it has started to freeze. Only the freezing has started lately while the other problems have been present since the first day. I tried any software setting but only managed to slightly improve the problem and not fix it. Below is the list of the measures already implemented:
- Windows 10 is up to date
- nVidia drivers are up to date
- The BIOS is up to date
- The computer has already been formatted several times
- Game mode is active (also tried turning it off)
- Hardware acceleration is active (also tried to turn it off)
- The variable frequency of the screen is active (also tried to turn it off)
- Monitor gSync is active (also tried to turn it off)
- vSync has been tested (both on and off)
- Background apps have been disabled (also tried to leave them active)
- The power saving settings are set to "high performance"
- Preference regarding power saving settings related to games have been manually set to "high performance"
- SSD is almost empty
- Temperatures are kept under control

- Game settings have been changed many times


The components of the pc are the following:
CPU: Intel i7 11700
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB
MOBO: HP Omen Oasis oc
RAM: Kingston Hyperx Fury 32gb (2 x 16gb) DDR4 3200mhz
PSU: Cooler Master 80 Plus Gold 800W
SSD: Western Digital BLACK 1 TB PCIe NVMe
OS: Windows 10


This is my first gaming pc so I haven't been able to test it with many games. I tested Call of Duty: Warzone and Overwatch and both have the above problems in a more or less marked way. The pc has already been shipped once to an HP service center but only the thermal paste of the CPU heatsink has been reapplied as well as being formatted. The problem also in this case has not been solved.
Lately, in order to limit the problem, the maximum FPS that the graphics card can provide have been limited to a number that can almost always reach (120) and the monitor's refresch rate has therefore been set to 120hz. After that the graphical artifacts started and I was able to get rid of them with vSync. The stuttering however is still present (even if lower) as well as the flashes and lately the freezing. Even if the situation has improved, such a solution seems to me too complicated. In fact, it only led to a slightly smoother gaming.
Could it be a graphics card problem? Thanks for your attention and to those who want to help me.

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Hello @RAFFI15 


In your case:

Service required !

- The computer should normally be disassembled and checked

- Thermal paste for CPU GPU and bridges should be renewed.

- Furthermore, the function of the fan must be checked.

- Check for short circuit

- General cleaning ...


If you can't do that, you should have it serviced by a professional computer ( chip level ) repair store.

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Did you figure out what’s wrong with your computer I have the same problem mine is less than two years old and now it’s already in freezing after I restarted and they just continue and freeze up to twenty second I start the pc….

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Please report your results

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Hi, unfortunately the problem was never solved. As for freezing, it was probably a software problem because it hasn't happened for some time. Regarding the stuttering, it persists: currently I play with fps cap at the frequency of the monitor and I use in game v-sync. This way I can at least play at an acceptable quality. Without v-sync it is practically impossible to play (I play fps titles so you can imagine the importance of a smooth and stutter-free image). Hearing more opinions from competent people, replacing the motherboard could be the solution but unfortunately I cannot confirm that this is actually the case because my PC still has all the original components mounted. I'd like to try another motherboard so that I can identify the problem - if even after replacing the mobo the problem persists, then the graphics card may be the issue. I honestly don't think the problems can have another origin. However, if your computer crashes as you described, I think the problem is more serious and there could be a major hardware problem (assuming you have already done a software reset). As far as I can, I hope I have been helpful. Greetings.

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Thank you for your detailed answer.

All the best

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