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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Omen 880-108na
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi there. 


I was having an issue where the computer would start to boot, then blue screen, then system would appear to reboot and do 2 long bleeps then two short beeps,


This error seems to relate to the BIOS being corrupted.

I was changing around the HDD and stuff ready to do a BIOS update when to my surprise I saw the Windows screen. something I haven't seen for ages. Then a blue screen but this time was a different blue screen and didn't automatically restart. I messed around with it and was unable to get any further. At this point I decided to try a BIOS update hoping this would improve the situation.

I went ahead and downloaded sp97077  F.50 BIOS

I went into Diagnostic mode and flashed the BIOS from USB I think it said the old version was F.20 I think? Can't quite remember.

It seemed to finish up okay and when rebooted it said 

" A system BIOS Recovery error has occurred.
BIOS Recovery (500)
Enter - Continue Startup"

I press enter, system then reboots and beeps 8 times while displaying 

"BIOS Corruption has been detected. BIOS recovery will begin automatically when you restart your PC
BIOS recovery will take several minutes.........."


I tried flashing the other BIOS listed on the support section sp95516 which is BIOS F.21 and the recovery system said it couldn't read the image.

I have tried re flashing F.50 and retried F.21 with same results as previous.


It this point I'm stumped as to how to proceed. I was really hopeful that when I saw the desktop it would be okay.
I wish I had attempted a Windows reload before the BIOS update.

Thank you for any advice 

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Hello @mvickers03 


First off, you have to use the bios intended for your motherboard. Since your specs show you have the Tampa2 Mobo, you have to use the bios SSID version 8437, not 84f6. If you drop down the little arrow next to your version, you can access the previous versions for that SSID.

bios versions.JPG


What bios version is installed right now? If you rapidly tap the F1 key at power on, it will boot into the info menu.


I would first try to recover the original bios via the Windows key and B at boot.

Here is the HP instructions on how to do that, go to the first video titled... Restoring the BIOS on HP Computers with a Key Press Combination. https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04126730


You might not be able to either recover or install another bios if the motherboard has a physical failure with the bios chip or such.  Are you still under Warranty??? If so, then you will have to contact HP Support for a claim and have them fix it.

Contact HP Worldwide | HP® Official Site


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Thank you for your response mate.


Sorry I have been away for a few days.


Well that makes sense what you said. Seems I did flash the correct BIOS after all.

I have flashed F.50 Rev.A 

The BIOS automatically re flashes itself in a loop.

When I interrupt it's process by holding Win and B with the USB inserted it says it cannot find the file on the USB or they are corrupted


I have tried another USB just in case and also tried formatting the USB in 2 different file systems. NTFS/FAT


I think the system is out of warranty. Hoping there is something that can be done to save replacing an expensive Motherboard.

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Not sure I get what you mean. When you first power on the PC, the bios is going into a flash loop automatically?

Or just when you insert a USB drive and start the process to flash it?


IF you are still trying to flash the update, stop. Something is corrupted and I have no way of knowing what.

My instructions above are to revert the bios to a "previous working state" with no USB inserted.


So unplug the power cord, then hold down the power button for 20 seconds.

Then put the power cord back in.

Watch that first video again and do what it says (or follow the instructions below it).

Its called... Restoring the BIOS on HP Computers with a Key Press Combination

Then let me know what happens.


Now if that does not work either, using the USB method most likely wont work either.

Problem is with a bios, if it gets corrupted and cannot be flashed... its bricked.

Either someone of High Tech Skills will have to find another chip to solder into the board (probably not going to happen, you wont find another chip), or you will have to replace the motherboard entirely.



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Hi mate, I followed the instructions to a T


The flash completes successfully then boots back as per my first post 😞

The frustrating thing is I put the SSD into a different computer and I think the SSD had a bad windows installation so there might not have been an issue with the board all along.

I have replaced the case and the motherboard. I would like to rescue the board tho if possible. Would there be anywhere I can send it for potential repair? They are worth about £180 

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Not that I know of. sorry

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