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Start up problem on new PC

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Omen 870-207na
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I purchased this PC 27 May 17 but it has only been installed 8 days.  It worked fine for first two days then failed to start.  The PC power light illuminates on switchon but no other lights.  An internal sound suggests activity with the hard disk but the PC is effectively dead.


After between 5 - 20 power resets the pc starts and works normally for one of two days.  Then, the same problem appears.

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Omen 870-207na, in the USA< where?  (REDUX1)

what on earth is that, in what country,  ? we show here in uSA only oem laptops or the OMEn X cube.


looks like  gaming PC mini desktop ?  as seen in UK. , had to google deep to find this, duck.


  • ntel® Core„¢ i7-7700 Processor
  • RAM: 16 GB / Storage: 2 TB HDD & 256 GB SSD
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
  • With built-in WiFi


 we know what now.

its water cooled,  wow. what is cooled and not cooled, who knows, ?

the monitor is ok.

we know the PSU  turns on , (only)

we hear hdd make sounds. (SSD i bet it boot drive and are always dead silent)

we see BIOS is dead. <<<< bingo.  fix this. do not flash it, please, leave it alone.


work BIOS.  Id say the mobo has issues, or power regs on it are overloaded from some shorted device.

or OMG a water leak, Titantic #2?


NO warranty answers by me.
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Thanks for your reply.  The PC is the PC specified in your reply ie 


  • ntel® Core„¢ i7-7700 Processor
  • RAM: 16 GB / Storage: 2 TB HDD & 256 GB SSD
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
  • With built-in WiFi


Yes, it has fans. lol   It's a high grade $3000 gaming PC with water cooler.


Nothing wrong with the monitor, besides, the bios would initiate even if the monitor was missing.   As I mentioned, other than the power light on the PSU, the whole PC is dead.  Initially, you can hear the HD try to start.  Thereafter nothing.  No lights, no fans, no noise.


I tried with nothing plugged in to the PC other than essentials like monitor.  All USB devices were unplugged, including mouse and keyboard.  Monitor initiates and behave normally for a monitor unable to detect a PC attached to it.


After anything between 8 to 20 attempts to unpower/power up, the pC burst into life.  It  will work for one or two days and then the problem reappears.


Having conducted my own analysis, I suspect that it is actually the PSU at fault - although I am reluctant to prejudice the HP guarantee by being too invasive in my investigation.


Prior to retirement, I was professionally a lawyer but also CEO of PCDoctor  UK, so IT knoweledgable but not an expert.

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yes the PC will run all day with no monitor.


but the BIOS is dead, that is first, on all PCs

PC/s boot, from zero power.  as power starts,  the CPU has a hardcoded address, (since the 8086 days of 1981)

this address jumps to the EPROM BIOS chip, (or bank of them seen on the old PC Jr.)

and runs POST. power on self test. (with beeps and or flashing LED errors)


this then runs the BIOS, it loads to memory and then boots the HDD,  (passing control now to the HDD(or SSD)


Just before that THE BIOS sends a message to the screen in text' (paraprased) hit ESC to enter SETUP (BIOS)

HP calls all this SETUP (its BIOS /UEFI)


if the BIOS is dead (using this hot, keys,  ESC, F9 or F11 ,at power on) if those do not show menus from BIOS and he screen is good,  then we know BIOS IS DEAD.  (and means to me power is dead.)

But sure the Video card could be dead, making screens dead, but not key board flash codes dead.

there  are ALSO flash codes. (so far all this is hardware, and firmware, ) for any BIOS errors see,  there can be many possible

Caps.lock error codes on some, newer PCs.

you said hear things running like HD, well that means little.

what matters is the PSU, and all up to 12 voltages correct.

the HDD will make noise with 5v/12v only as it spins up and unlocks the heads. the SSD will be silent.

For BIOS to work the CPU must be processing. and good memory and hopefull good GPU chip.




That is goal one GET UP BIOS, as is

Fans run. do that?  can I assume that a water cooled PC has some fans. , what about the GPU card? 

what is water cooled.?  what parts,  just CPU?  there is no IBM/MS/Intel spec on water cooled, you do know that,?

if i went to 1million homes here, id see no water anything PC, and getting help on water cooled PC would be hard, due to that rarity..... like geting help on TESLA car... lOL


this PC seems to not be sold in USA so ,and the book on it is missing here,  so I cant open the service manual and read

the pages on water, and all that. and would... just for fun of seeing AQUA POWER !


Sounds like a bad PSU


but on real PSU,, ATX2 spec, they can shut down for 3 reasons... or not turn on and stay on.

1: PSU failure (Power OK logic)

2: or MOBO sees its own regulators fail and then sends the signal to PSU, to shut down.

3: The mobo can fail and hold softpower logic off.  even with power button pushed or its 2 wires fell off.(not you)


my guess is some power is partly up and ok, but the MOBO has gross fault condition keeping BIOS DEAD.



in shop we check the PSU first if no LED blink codes to help

when you turn the PSU on it must run for 1second,(rule) and use my meter on all power RAILS.

we check the PSU voltage with a meter, and then unload everything off the MOBo we can to relieve any shorted

devices, all usb, all PCI slot cards, all memory but 1 stick, unplug all DRIVES.  SATA.


try  each stick at a time.

on my powerful ATX spec PC,  I have a powerful Gforce card, that has auxiliary power connectros to feed its hunger GPU chip, (100watts it blasts to the rear of PC)  if this wire falls off, the GPU shuts down.

On yours, even a water leak would cause wild symtoms, water and computers never mix well. (unless 100% pure  H20)




but my words are useless i think, this is how to fix a PC with out breaking warranty seals.

answer to that you cant. the cube is dead, swap it out.






NO warranty answers by me.
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