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OMEN X P1000
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

so here is the deal.


my omen command center is doing this. I am talking with  our support for 3 days now, but he is very slow. never mind that, omen command center wasn't working a few months back neither. I send it to the service for the second time. I got it back, and after overlocking process I had a blue screen. and when I opened the omen command center this happened on overlocking icon. we recovered the system with HP cloud recovery tool. )usb) and it worked, the omen command center and overlocking worked. but when I went to bed I clicked shut down system and update. I updated all (under settings update). and now I got this.  sorry for my bad English.



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Not all machines have this function. Please read





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My pc supports it. I had it and it was working..

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I have the same issue. I have the Omen 880-157C.



Windows 10 (64) with current updates

Intel i7-9700K CPU with Corsair H80i V2 Cooling (push/pull exhaust in rear of case) and additional front case fan (total of 2 fans in front)

EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra GPU

1000W PSU (modular)

32 GB memory

Samsung 970 PRO NVME (Windows 10 OS only)

(2) Samsung EVO 960 1 TB

(1) Samsung EVO 960 500 GB (external)

Latest BIOS F.51

My machine runs cool always even during stress tests (a true monster PC). I used the Omen Command Center (OCC) to overclock my i7-9700K to 5.2 GHZ effortlessly. I haven't tried to exceed 5.2 GHZ, but know that it can do it and still remain stable. I game at 5.2 GHZ and then set it back to default when I am finished gaming. I use the intelligent overclock feature of the Omen Command Center (OCC) to achieve my high CPU frequency.,


Out of the blue yesterday, this just happened. My machine never blue screen since I bought it last year. It is very stable. No issues at all. The operating system is on the Samsung 970 PRO NVME. The system is rock solid, even when overclock to 5.2 GHZ. I have installed the HP SDK (SP98588.exe), which is what that error is calling for, but it does absolutely nothing. I have uninstalled the Omen Command Center and reinstalled it several time without any change. I tried to have it repair itself within the OCC's settings, but still nothing. When I tried to revert to an older OCC, it would not work (showed some corruption) and would not overclock.


I contacted HP support for a solution, but I am still waiting for a possible fix. As stated, my gaming PC is rock solid and has no other issues. It is completely up-to-date and has only high-end components installed. The only problem now is that I have a high-end gaming PC with a K CPU that cannot be overclock. For some reason, the OCC program cannot find the necessary HP services to run the overclock feature as it has been doing since I purchased and upgraded the machine. Although the SP98588.exe SDK is supposed to allow for Network Boost and Overclock, for some reason it will not allow for overclock. This is an HP, not a Microsoft or third party program issue. I am tempted to use the Intel XTU to overclock (can only run the OCC or the XTU, not both), but do not want to make a mistake and fry my CPU and motherboard. I trust the OCC to protect my investment which is now over $4,000, so I am waiting for HP to come up with a solution.


If anyone has an idea that I haven't tried, please chime in. Thanks.




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This is happening over and over again. Once it starts its gonna happen again(after you fix it) i send the pc to the service 2 times alredy.and now for the 3rd time.they will give it back working. But in next .4-5 overlocks it will bump in to the error again.. don't get it dosen't any know how to fix it for permanitly? Speed 3.200€ on pc and now in 1 year the pc was for 2 months in service.and now the 3rd time it's gonna take 25days again to fix it.

Not event close to what i expect3d when buying an premiu'omen pc'

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