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up and down noise 870-129

Product Name: omen 870-129
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi all, does anyone one a omen 870-129 that makes a constant up and down  noise? with or without a load it stays the same,its my first gamer so I dont know if it normal,hard to fing any reviews on these because there so new ,thanx

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Re: up and down noise 870-129



What component is making the up and down noise?


When does it make this sound?


It could be the 6700k processor ramping up when you perform tasks. You can check by opening Task Manager and set it to always on top.


Then check CPU and Ram when the sound is heard.



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Re: up and down noise 870-129

I suspect it's the CPU fan.  It's not uncommon for fans to surge when launching applications.

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Re: up and down noise 870-129

Hi,no idea what is making the sound ,but its done it from day one and its constant and it never gets stronger or weaker,I might send it  off to warrany,thanx

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Re: up and down noise 870-129

Hi ,when I bought this 870-129 a few months ago I contacted  hp about the noise and let them take control of my pc but they never found anything wrong, but they did say it should not be making the noise I described.The techs at bestbuy said its normal,would like to hear from someone with the same omen 870-120 pc,just might send it back for warranty ,thanx for your help.

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Re: up and down noise 870-129

I'm glad I came across this post and others about HP Omen fan noise. I also bought an Omen 870-129 desktop last week and the rattling fan noise that would perpetually come on every 10 seconds for a period of about 10 seconds was driving me nuts also. Especially, while I was watching tranquil 4K nature videos - which is the main reason I bought the powerful computer. Notably, the noise cycle was constant whether the computer was performing a task or idling. And to make matters worse, after removing the side plate, I was unable to tell which of the fans it was coming from. 


I took it back to the Geek Squad and they told that was "normal." However, it seems complaints about Omen fan noise are all over the web and YouTube, so I insisted that Best Buy replace it.  After a little prodding they agreed to do so, but I'm afraid the replacement I'll receive this week will do the same thing. The Geek Squad stated that it was just this model that made that noise; however, complaints about fan noise from other Omen models are common, both desktop and laptop.


Incidentally, I had an Omen 870-119 before (with the GTX 960 video card) and the darn thing was quiet as a mouse. Just beautiful. I should have left well enough alone, but I wanted the extra power of the GTX 1070, so I upgraded. The 870-129 is a fantastic, well-made, impressive machine - beautiful in every way - but if the replacement starts driving me nuts with the whirring-rattling noise, reluctantly, I will have to go with a different make.     

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Re: up and down noise 870-129

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Hi WillBranson


The fan noise could be either the GPU or CPU fan. Nvidia 's thermal solution allows for a quiet mode (the GPU fans don't spin until the graphics card temps reach 62c).  I would think HP's 1070 has this option.


I Just built a system having a Z170 MB, 6700k processor, and a GTX 1080.


Since I don't overclock I used a stock Intel CPU fan/heatsink. Big mistake! When the CPU ramps up the CPU fan also spins faster to keep the CPU cool.


The CPU fan was driving me crazy. It would kick into high gear when surfing the web and other low CPU load tasks (the fan would spin up and then down). Changed the CPU cooling to an Arctic i32 heatsink/fan. The system is now super quiet. Even when running Prime 95 or other CPU stress test the CPU fan is quiet and the CPU temps don't rise above 62c. Intel CPU's throttle at 100c.


My guess is HP is using a fan/heatsink option that requires the fan to ramp up under low CPU loads. Remove the side panel and measure the fan diameter.  It is probably a small heatsink and fan installation.


The point is: exchanging your PC for the same model is probably not going to change the characteristic's of the system.


You would have to go to a different HP product or replace the CPU fan/heatsink if that is what is making the noise.


You could not install an Arctic i32 or a Hyper 212 because your HP chassis is too small. Most quiet, after market coolers require an ATX MB and a mid-tower chassis. You may be able to find a CPU cooling option that is quiet and fits in your tower.


The quieter CPU cooling options usually have 120mm fans (too big for an ITX MB) and fairly large heatsinks. You also need to install a backplate when mounting the heatsink.



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