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OMEN 17.3 inch Gaming Laptop PC 17-ck0000 (3V6M3AV)
Microsoft Windows 11

I bought myself an HP Omen 17, roughly a week ago and always encountered touchpad issues, that only seemed to go away with a quick notebook closing and opening.

After researching for a solution the last hours and seeing that a lot of people never found the solution, I wanted to take 2-3 minutes and write about the solution that actually fixes the issue.

The trackpad is from ELAN and your ELAN drivers are probably from, October 2021, or atleast mine were.
No matter how many updates you run through windows or third party driver update softwares, it just never installs the newest ELAN driver, which would actually fix the issue completly.

The solution is as easy as it seems, you need the newest ELAN driver!

Microsoft has a wonderful list here:
It shows a list of all ELAN Drivers, that are compatible.
At the time of this writing, the "ELAN - Mouse - " driver is the newest for me.

I am sure there are other sources where you can get the updates, but I chose microsoft, because it felt like the safest option for me. However, that means the actual installation of the driver is not as easy as just running an .exe.

These are the steps I took with open source software:
1. Download the Snappy Driver LITE version: https://sdi-tool.org/   (You can also choose a different version, but the LITE version does not install anything.)

2. Unzip the SDI.zip, but don't start it yet.

2. Download the newest ELAN Mouse Driver from Microsoft through the link above. It should be a .cab archive file. (There are Win 10 and Win 11 versions.)

3. Extract the .cab archive file, with winrar or your favorite unzipping software.
4. Copy or Drag&Drop the folder you just extracted, into the "drivers" folder in the SDI folder.
5. Start up the Snappy Driver.
6. It should now show 1-3 drivers for your Touchpad. Select all 3 or the ones you want and click Install at the top right
7. Done


You should now have the newest drivers for your OMEN 17 touchpad drivers. Feel free to delete everything you just downloaded. It is not needed anymore.
For me this fixed any and all touchpad issues permanently.

In my opinion the issue is that HP & Windows both have outdated drivers in their "updates", both from October 2021, where the issue was not yet fixed. You don't have to follow my steps or use my programs, but make sure you install the newest touchpad drivers somehow. I am sure thats something HP support can do aswell, if you ask them for help and tell them you need the newest version.

Otherwise there are paid driver updaters, that will have the newest drivers, but I don't want to promote any paid software. Just want to share the quick&free fix with everyone else. 
Sadly all threads with this issue are closed, even though the users never got a solution, so I could not share my solution there. I hope this will save someone from returning their product, because in the end, the laptop is pretty good 🙂

I am aware that I am not asking for help, but sharing a solution. I would really appreciate it if we could still keep this up, for those that have the same issue and can't fix it.

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