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HP Recommended
HP Omen 17 cb1607nz
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I recently bought this laptop here: https://support.hp.com/hr-en/document/c06656423

As you can see, it has an i7-10750H for a CPU and because I currently experience latency and audio crackling issues in real-time audio recording applications with a professional universal audio apollo x8 audio interface (it's due to thermal throttling of the CPU/GPU) I wanted to try to undervolt route so as to never enter the 90° temperature zone.

Only problem is that the HP Omen laptop doesn't have an extensive BIOS and it only allows for small and insignificant changes, certainly nothing's in there that would change the CPU/RAM voltages etc. I read somewhere that the 10750H doesn't allow undervolting as previous versions did but I'm not sure if this is accurate information.

Any way circumvent this issue by other means or is there maybe a possibility to go the undervolting route?


HP Recommended

Yes, absolutely, it can be done quite safely and elegantly through software


I just bought the 15in version Omen and had similar issues, with cpu core temps going to 98deg C and GPU running hot too, causing the fans to go to maximum.


Undervolting is locked out, for now anyway, maybe someone will find a way past the bios locking, but due to a security concern most manufacturers now have locked out under volting with a bios revision.


There are a couple of videos to watch to explain all this, I think theres even one with your specific laptop


The program is called throttlestop, and its used to change the power limits, wattage, of your cpu. Its safe to do so.


I have set my PL1 at 30watts and PL2 at 38watts for my CPU


My values are set a bit conservatively, but I can run a new game eg COD WW2 for hours and the cpu and gpu are both running at low temperatures with fans on auto (not maxed), so quite happy with the result having just stumbled into this






















HP Recommended



this is right after 30mins of gaming with the lower wattage limits, cpu temps below 

                                                    current       min          max    &  average



and GPU, with a 200Mhz overclock to core & memory



cinebench20 is 2150, setting cpu wattage higher gets 2300s but high temp & throttling





HP Recommended



I would like to know if you have the same specs of Omen 15 as mine? i7- 10750h and an RTX 2060? When I'm gaming like Dota or Valorant, the cpu temps hit 93C. I want to try what you are suggesting but I want to know if it will affect the laptop's performance especially when gaming? (Will it drop fps?) Does your PLs applicable to mine? And what do you mean by "conservatively"?


Thank you!

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