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    Fix Windows 10 Update Issues

    Resolve Windows 10 or update issues on HP computer or printer– Click Here

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Have an issue moving a HP printer on the network

Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

In this place device is either 10.1 or 10.170

I moved a printer M607 to 2nd floor, it didn’t work out so I tried 2 other models. Hostname should have been the same across testing all devices and only 1 printer was on the network at a time. In the meantime I troubleshot every avenue of approach. Below is step by step my encounter.  Throughout my encounter I moved printers to different switches thru the facility. All ports used had their switch ports configured to whatever data VLAN on that switch with DHCP enabled. 

Thank you in advance for your time spent reading this.




I had port 213a configured on the data VLAN 172 switch 2 /blade 1/port 24 for laser printer.

M607 moved from 3rd Floor/DHCP/ VLAN 72 – When plugged in, 2nd Floor/169.254/DHCP. This isn’t correct.. Did factory reset through the Control Panel, went through the prompts (country/time zone/etc/etc) and printer retained old hostname after reboot.

Completed 2nd factory reset and viewed configuration. Showed Auto IP Config and retained old hostname. I reset Config Method to DHCP and rebooted. After reboot view Config, now showing 169.254/DHCP and should be pulling After another reboot, Config now showing IP. I again set to DHCP and rebooted, rebooted to 169.254/Auto IP…. WHAT?

à = Reboot when I reset to DHCP

Not in order, but experienced  à Auto IP à 169.254/DHCP à Configured à 169.254/DHCPà 169.254/Not Configured à0.0.0.0/DHCP this time I left it on the Network about an hour before checking back, it showed no change.

Completed 5 factory resets back to back and only once (3rd reset) I was prompted completely selecting country/time zone/blah. Each time it retained its old hostname.

I then decided to take the M607 back up to 3rd Floor (as a test) and plug back into previous subnet/vlan. Device immediately obtained DHCP IP address as was set. I even successfully Windows test printed.  I then removed M607 because it was being moved to 2nd Floor.

Could there be a MAC reservation for that hostname to use a specific IP on that particular VLAN or across the entire network?  Is that why 2nd paragraph occurred? The NIC didn’t know what to do so it kicked a 0.0.0 or 169 even switching from Auto IP to Not configured

I then took a HP LaserJet 600 M602 to 2nd Floor where M607 was to be relocated to. I plugged M602 in, set needed hostname for that location DHCP/172 and M602 immediately obtained and successfully test printed. . This is good!

Okay, the office can now print using M602.  I decided to temporarily leave M602 in place, but off network to further troubleshoot M607.

I took M602 off the network by shutdown to avoid hostname conflict, then plugged M607 into IT office and it immediately pulled a DHCP IP Would that completely eliminate the MAC reservation possibility? Why did it pull a 10.1 here? Why won’t it pull a 10.1 or a 10.170 in its new location?

So M607 could network on VLAN 72 of 3rd Floor switch and VLAN 153 of 2nd Floor different switch and IDF closet obviously but not 2nd floor vlan 172 different IDF. Previously all ports were config’d to data vlan w/ DHCP enabled. This was confirmed by 2 network engineers.


Ok, here’s where it really gets confusing. Get ready.

Had a brand new M604 on hand, decided to replace M602 since it’s an older printer in 2nd Floor office with a NIB M604. AT this point no printer is online with needed hostname. I plug M604 into port already set to data/DHCP as this is in our Printer storage workshop area. I set hostname & set to DHCP and it obtains DHCP address for that area of the facility.

I then transfer M604 to 2nd Floor to replace M602. I plug in and wait to obtain DHCP for that Part of the facility and it started to display the same incorrect settings between a few reboots the M607 had never once getting DHCP but managed to get a 169.254. A brand new never on the network printer acting the same way.

The only remedy was to turn M602 back on and leave in that location so office can print.


M602 has Firmware version: FutureSmart 2 SP1 (2200643_228341) – Firmware revision 2200643_228341 – Firmware Datecode: 20120623 – This printer works on ANY data VLAN throughput the facility.

M604 has Firmware Bundle version 3.7 – Firmware revision: 2307781_551188 – Firmware Datecode: 20170102 – HP FutureSmart 3. Worked immediately on network out of box but not when moved to 2nd floor.

M607 has: Firmware Bundle Version 4.3 – Firmware revision 2403302_006075 – Datecode: 20170407 – HP FutureSmart 4. Does not work on 2nd floor either but will throughout rest of facility.


Apologies for the length but I had to include every detail. Tanks again for your time. 

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