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ePrint - HP Deskjet 3056A (all-in -one) printer

I bought a HP Deskjet 3056A (all-in -one) printer with the eprint capability, but cannt setup? Error msg "The printer cannot connect to the internet, Check Internet connectons" I can print wireless....HELP

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ePrint - HP Deskjet 3056A (all-in -one) printer

Hi LauraP,

The are several reasons why you could be receiving this error. Click the linked article below for troubleshooting you can do to resolve this issue:
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Re: ePrint - HP Deskjet 3056A (all-in -one) printer

Hi Gordan_H,


I, too, have the same issue trying use ePrint on my deskjet 3056A printer. The link you suggested takes me to the HP general site, where I can flop around for days only to see absolutely no help for the problem. If you look around the internet, many people have this issue. The printer has a lighted ePrint button, but nowhere can I obtain an email address for the printer. Does this printer support ePrinting or not?


Thank you.

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Re: ePrint - HP Deskjet 3056A (all-in -one) printer

here, also, are the things I've tried:


Typed my printer's IP address into the browser window. 

The WebServices page appears. The summary line in the Web Services tab shows ePrint status is on.

Clicking the Print Info Page line shows a Print Page button (that about all) and clicking it does nothing.

After several repeated attempts at clicking, I'm told I tried too many times and basically to go away for a day.

I've been around the HP site and cannot find why this is happening. Any help you can provice will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you again,


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Re: ePrint - HP Deskjet 3056A (all-in -one) printer



You are replying to a post that is over 3 years old.  Chances are, the links have changed some!


Here are some updated ones to try:


Getting the claim code.    <--- this tells you how to get the "email address" you speak of.


Setting up and using ePrint.


Hope this helps!



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Re: ePrint - HP Deskjet 3056A (all-in -one) printer

Thanks for the scolding about replying to an old issue.  All links (even your latest) seem to point right in the middle of an HP support page which does not address the problem. In fact, the 3056A printer appears to be unsupported. There is no way to get the email address or certificate by reading anything that HP provides on their site. As I said, I've done everything documented about getting an email address for this printer. The printer works great as a wireless printer, and has for 5 years. But this is 2016 and I believe I should be able to email a document (ePrint) to this printer from my smart phone while I'm away from my network. Without an email address, the only way possible is to download the HP Print plug_in, which means I need to be on the network with the printer. Thanks for your response.

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