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The HP Community is where owners of HP products, like you, volunteer to help each other find solutions.
We would like to share some of the most frequently asked questions about Instant Ink. Check out this link: HP INSTANT INK, HP+ PLANS: INK AND TONER. .
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HP DeskJet 2620 All-in-One Printer

My printer keeps showing an error Not connected to Instant Ink.

The printer itself is online, ready to print, printing works. Printer has connection to internet. I can print from multiple devices connected to the same wifi so it's not an internet issue.  The error appears, then I go to instant Ink Log in page to check the status and most often it says last updated some time ago (hours or days) and Cannot connect right now, try again later. Then at some point it magically connects and then again error for hours or even days

The printer can still print documents send from devices on the same WiFi so printer has connection to network all the time.

How can I fix this? This is really annoying. I keep gettti.g printed pages and pages of setup and information that count to my printed pages but I don't feel like there is an issue on my side.


Issue is the same when I look from phones, tablets, computers, all show the same.

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Welcome to the HP support community.


I am glad to assist you to fix the web service connection error on your printer.

How is the printer connected?

Meanwhile, follow these steps to fix the issue.

Turn On Web Services

  • Make sure the printer is connected to a wired (Ethernet) or wireless network with an active internet connection.
  • NOTE: If you connect your printer to a computer with a USB cable, web-connected printing services do not work.
  • If your printer is connected with a wired (Ethernet) connection, check the cable and the lights on the printer’s Ethernet port. The green link light should be steady, and the orange activity light should blink when the cable is connected.
  • If your printer is connected with a wireless connection, make sure the wireless feature is on and the printer is connected to the same network as your computer.
  • Some printers have a wireless icon and a blue light on the front of the printer. If the printer has a blue light, and the light is on and not blinking, your printer is connected.
  • Print a Network configuration or Wireless Network Test Results page using button combinations on the printer control panel.
  • Find the printer IP address on the printout.
  • Example of a printer IP address.
  • Type the printer IP address into the browser address line, and then press Enter.
  • NOTE: Make sure to type the IP address into the internet browser's address box. If typed into a toolbar search box or search engine, the EWS does not open.
  • If a login or certificate window displays, complete the information to finish opening the EWS.
  • If a website security certificate displays, click Continue to open the EWS.
  • If a login window opens, type admin for the username, and then type the PIN found on the printer UPC sticker located underneath or on the back of the printer, or the password set by the printer administrator.
  • Example printer UPC sticker with PIN
  • On the EWS, click the Web Services tab.
  • If the tab is not available, your printer does not support Web Services.
  • If a summary page displays, Web Services is already on.
  • Example of clicking Print Info Page.
  • If a setup page displays, follow the prompts to turn on Web Services.
  • NOTE: If you cannot turn on Web Services, make sure the printer firmware is up-to-date. For more information, go to Updating or Upgrading Printer Firmware.
  • Example of the Web Services setup webpage

Refer to this HP document for more assistance:- Click here


Let me know how it goes.

To thank me for my efforts to help you, please mark my post as an accepted solution so that it benefits several others.


I am an HP Employee

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