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Autolaunching HP RGS Software through Command Line Options

I have a HP RGS Receiver v7.1 installed on my desktop which initiates a remote Session to my RHEL based workstation running HP RGS sender deployed in a LAN. Now when launching the HP RGS Receiver it brings up a window asking for the host name or IP Address of the PC to connect to (in this case the RHEL box). When provided the hostname, the next question asked is the username and the password. When all these detials are provided, the connection is successfully established and all works as expected. I am trying to autolaunch the HP RGS Receiver so I can bypass entering the hostname or ipaddress, username and password during each launch. When reading the usermanual, there is clearly a way of doing this by using the HP RGS commandline autolaunch properties. The property Rgreceiver.Session..IsConnectOnStartup should allow me to setup autolaunch while I provide the hostname,username and password int he following properties: Rgreceiver.Session..Hostname Rgreceiver.Session..Username Rgreceiver.Session..Password Rgreceiver.Session..PasswordFormat So it is assumed that when I pass these as command line options while launching the HPRGS executable rgreceiver.exe it should all read the values from the command line and directly establish the connection without me having to enter these details. However it does not seem to work I assume that in we specify the session number = 1 (because we are working with only a single session) The command Rgreceiver.exe -Rgreceiver.Session.1.IsConnectOnStartup=1 -Rgreceiver.Session.1.Hostname="MyHostName" -Rgreceiver.Session.1.Hostname="MyUserName" -Rgreceiver.Session1.Password="mypassword" -Rgreceiver.Session.1.PasswordFormat=Clear does not seem to have any impact. The HPRGS software behaves the same with or without command line and sending in the commandline does not seem to have any impact on the way it launches neither it gives any error. I have tried to above command line through multiple ways (for e.g. using delimetes and without delimiters, using different values for session number and so on) but it seems Rgreceiever does not even recognize that the commands were given in the first place. I have run out of all options. Any help will be appreciated.
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Re: Autolaunching HP RGS Software through Command Line Options



The session should be "0", not "1". 

Then, to use the file you should rename it to "whatever.rgreceiver" and double click on it (not the RGS receiver.exe)

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