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DeskJet 930C ink light blinks and wont print

I replaced the ink cartridges in my Deskjet 930C about a month ago. Everything was fine until a few days ago, and now it won't print. The ink light blinks, and the printer won't do anything. I've already cleaned the cartridges, done a reset, and verified I'm using the latest driver. Not sure what else to do outside of replacing printer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: DeskJet 930C ink light blinks and wont print

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Looks like the ink cartridge runs out of ink.  You can follow the instruction in the below link to check the ink level




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Re: DeskJet 930C ink light blinks and wont print

The Deskjet 930c will print (or at least go through the motions of printing) even if the cartrdiges are empty.  One thing to check - open the lid and note where the carriage moves.  There are molded icons in the upper part of the printer that indicate various error conditions.  (This link provides details.  It is for a different printer but should apply to the Deskjet 930 as well.)  This will likely indicate either the black or color cartridge as the source of the issue.  I would start by cleaning the cartridge contacts as shown here.


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Re: DeskJet 930C ink light blinks and wont print

Hp Deskjet D930 ink light blinking and wont pint. i need help pls.

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Re: DeskJet 930C ink light blinks and wont print

Almost threw out my trusty Deskjet with the same problem after 14 years of use yesterday.  What I did:


1) Completely disconnected it (usb and power cord) a full day waiting for the maid to toss it out the next day.

2) Decided to give it another shot today, so I dropped it several times from around 6-10 in. on the desk (what's to loose if its going to the dumpster?). Light blinking.

3) Took out the cartridges and wiped with alcohol the terminals that hold the cartridges and that read the ones on the cartridges, re-installed...same thing, low ink light blinking.

4) Took out only the color cartridge (same one for the last 2-3 years--I don´t print anything with color, it uses it like crazy); closed the lid and let reset. The only one left inside was the black ink cartridge. No-go, ink light still blinking.

5) Put the color cartridge back in and took out the black ink one and let reset (you reset by closing the lid, it does it by itself). Nothing, still blinking.

6) Put back the black ink cartridge and let it reset with both cartridges and.....voila, the low ink warning light quite blinking!


Tested it by printing out my favorite crossword from the net and worked as usual, a little slow by today´s standards but as good as usual. How long will this last?  Who knows.  What it did do is set me on the track of searching for a new printer which had not crossed my mind for 14 years. 


Seeing what is available now-a-days is a shocker. Lightly built, a bewildering array of choices, smallish ink cartridges, and nothing compared to the 930C which is built like a battle tank, well that is unless you look at the business/heavy use printers which cost over $200-250 usd here in Mexico, a little(or lot) out of my league.


Of course, read the suggestions above but it they don't work for you, give my way a shot--it might work for you. Don't ask me about the science behind what I did but I really like by 930C and my respects for others that chose this model back then...a real keeper.  Save the Earth guys and gals!

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