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HP Envy 4524 won't connect to HP Ink with USB cable

Product Name: Envy 4524
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Ever since I moved house I have been unable to connect my printer to HP Ink. Before, I had a wireless connection which worked OK most of the time (but I did have to do a couple of re-installs). My computer is connected to the internet through a switch and router as the wifi signal won't reach the room where the PC is located, nor will the HP printer connect wirelessly to the modem. Consequently, I connected the printer to the PC with a USB cable. Printing is a little hit and miss but sometime sworks. However, the ink updat simply won't connect. (The PC is connected to the internet.)


All the so-alled "Help" seems to revolve around wireles connections. There must be others who need a wired connection to work. I'm sure the printer will run out of ink soon then stop completely.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated (I've already tried rebootig, re-inmstallin g, running the trouble shooter etc but to no avail).



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Re: HP Envy 4524 won't connect to HP Ink with USB cable

Sorry.  The printer must be connected to the Internet at least twice a month to transmit the Instant Ink data to HP.  A USB cable is not connected to the Internet.


If you can't make this work, suggest that Instant Ink is not for you and you should cancel as the printer cannot connect, the cartridges will be disabled.  You will then need to buy over the counted HP ink in order for your printer to work.

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Re: HP Envy 4524 won't connect to HP Ink with USB cable

Thanks for your response. So, a USB cable to a PC connected to the internet doesn't count. Is there a way of connecting it to the internet via an ethernet cable? I have a wired network in the house and a spare ethernet socket nearby.


Failing that, should I unplug the printer and take it to the router twice per month?

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