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Officejet J6400 wireless goes offline/disconnects

Having repeated problems when trying to print - it's pending, then get printer error, then disconnects and is offline.  Sometimes works fine but never know when it's going to disconnect/offline.    It ws doing it with Word documents only originally but now does it  periodially with any printing.  Running VISTA but computer and network is fine - it's some kind of glitch with the printer.  Solutions? 
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Re: Officejet J6400 wireless goes offline/disconnects

It appears that you haven't received any replies and haven't posted again but if you still need a solution, here it is.  Let me know how this works for you or if you continue to have problems! 


I figured this all out after many unsuccessful attempts with HP Support, my Internet Service Provider and various troubleshooting tasks including reinstalling HP software over and over and over.  Well, through self teaching on the internet and 6 grueling months of research, I FINALLY figured it out.  OMG!  I am a Paramedic and somewhat computer literate but by far no expert.  I hear you!  Nobody seems to have the answer but I promise…I do.  Here ya go! 


Don’t worry about reinstalling anything, no recycling your printers’ power or your Router/Modem.  The reason your printer is unstable on the network and continues to either go offline or disconnect from the network is NOT because the software is glitched, it’s not a firewall problem per say, it’s because most networks use a “range” of IP addresses and for security purposes, it sort of “cycles” the various devices’ IP addresses to decrease chance of an attack.  A printer is no threat but the “network” doesn’t possess human intelligence so it doesn’t know this.  Below are my step by step instructions on how to basically make your printer hold its IP address instead of changing back and forth through a cycle therefore dropping your printer off the network or disconnecting. 


Funny, if you are someone who has had items in your print cue, they won’t print, and you turn your printer off and then back on and suddenly your documents print…well, join my club.  The reason this works is because when you first turn on the printer, it starts with the same IP address before it cycles.  If you are someone who sits there for a while and suddenly your documents print without you changing anything…this is because through the IP cycle change, it hits your printers IP address and the network will allow it to print.  Not very funny, I know.  It took me forever to figure out why my printer would print sometimes but not all the time.  Since I figured this out, I can SCAN, PRINT and use all of the features of my installed HP software such as HP Solution Center, Photosmart Essentials.   

Press the setup button on the printer, use the arrow keys and look for Network and press OK.  Inside the network menu, print a network configuration page so you can see the IP address and other settings for your printer.


Now, go back to main menu on your printers’ screen.  Or you can go to your web browser and type in the IP address using the decimals too and this will take you to your printers’ web page.  Choose: setup\network and press OK.  Look for IP settings and press OK. Choose manual instead of automatic. Enter the IP address there manually as well as the default gateway which you can see on the network configuration page that you printed earlier.  Note: If you manually set the printer's IP, make sure that it is outside of your router's DHCP range. Otherwise you may run into an issue with duplicate IP's on your network. (If you don’t know how to do this, write back and I will explain).  Don’t forget to click “save changes”.  Now, restart your computer and print anything you want.  :-)  


A trick I often use with printers in DHCP networks:
In Printers and Faxes right click on the printer and select “properties”.  Click add a new port.  Choose standard TCP/IP port configured to the printer host name. Read the hostname from the printer's network configuration sheet.

Using my method means that you always connect to the printer even if its IP changes (which may happen with dynamic configuration). This does not jeopardize your network security.  It just tells your printer to stay put and stop traveling the IP address highway.  :-) 


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Re: Officejet J6400 wireless goes offline/disconnects

I too have had this problem.  After a year of searching for answers and trying all the suggestions available out there, I believe I have a new one to offer everyone.


Not only did my printer always go offline but my internet connection often did too.  These are two different problems.  Nevertheless the one affects the other so I offer both solutions.


For internet dropping issues, make sure your 'home network - name' is not the same as your SSID, your 'wireless network - name'


As for the printer offline issue, I suggest starting from scratch.  If you want a wired connection, use the ethernet cable.  If you want wireless, do not use the cable at all, it will interfere.


I suggest skipping the wizards and doing everything manually.  Adding the printer to your network and manually entering your internet access IP address into the printer, using the printer controls. 


Print out the network configuration page using the printer controls for reference.  Make sure everything is correct.


Get to a point where you can at least be able to access the printer web server page.  This is where the trick is.  Under the 'networking' tab, click on 'wireless'.  Click on the 'advanced' tab.


Make sure everything matches your wireless network configurations, wether it be infrastructure or ad hoc.  WEP or WPA.  Double check your HOST name too.  I found these things were not automatically configured on the page and once I set all these things.  I have not had a printer offline issue again since.  (KNOCK ON WOOD)


This also solved my duplex printing issues.  My other programs kept saying the duplex printing device was not installed when in fact it was.  This was solved along with the offline issues.


Good luck, I hope it works for everyone.



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Re: Officejet J6400 wireless goes offline/disconnects

Thanks, this solved the problem.



Here is what I observed/did:


My wireless printer was assigned an IP address by my router (

The printer properties on my PC had an IP address of




So, I set my printer to use a static IP address of (outside router's DHCP range)

On Windows ->Start -> Settings -> Printer and Faxes -> right-click on printer -> Properties -> Ports tab -> Highlight enabled Port -> Configure Port -> changed IP address to







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Re: Officejet J6400 wireless goes offline/disconnects

Thanks so much! I've been fighting this cause for 3 months, and finally you have solved it for me. Thank you, you're better than the HP help desk!

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Re: Officejet J6400 wireless goes offline/disconnects

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I am having the same problem. We have a PC hard-wired to the printer, a Mac that is wirelessly connected, and we just got a laptop that we are trying to wirelessly connect to the printer, as well. Sometimes it works, other times not at all. We have tried reinstalling drivers, etc. Your solution sounds good, but I have a question: How do you know what address is outside of your router's DHCP range? How do you find out what the range is?


UPDATE:  Medic1's solution worked like a charm.  I did a manual IP and haven't had any issues in 2 weeks.  All three computers are using the printer flawlessly.

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Re: Officejet J6400 wireless goes offline/disconnects

Our issue is that the printer was originally set up on my Dell laptop and that for any documents to print from any other computer in the house (there are 4 computers), that the Dell laptop must be turned on.  We've been able to work throught this issue until now.


We are getting ready to sell this Dell laptop and how will anything print if this laptop is no longer in our household?  There must be a way to designate the main computer connected to this laptop or set up the printer so it does not require this laptop to be turned on.


Thanks for your help!

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Re: Officejet J6400 wireless goes offline/disconnects

Thanks very much for this.  I was tearing my hair out trying to work out why the printer had suddenly stopped operating wirelessly.  Your instructions worked first time!  Much appreciated.

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Re: Officejet J6400 wireless goes offline/disconnects

my printer keeps saying not connected to my computer.  Can't figure out what is wrong.  Been 

working on it forever with no luck.  Don't know what to do!

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Re: Officejet J6400 wireless goes offline/disconnects

If I manually set my printer's IP, how do I make sure that it is outside of my router's DHCP range? I'm willing to try anything at this point. Everytime I try to print something, it kicks me offline. Then once I go back online, it will start printing again and then kick me back offline. I've spend hours on the phone with HP support and my internet co. and both sides can't figure it out. We've tried uninstalling/reistalling my printer (more than once). Then they thought it was my firewall, so we turned that off temporarily and of course that didn't help either. So frustrating! 

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