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Printhead failure !! too expensive to replace !!!!!!!!

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[Content Removed]. I have a officejet pro L7580 in perfect condition. Or so I thought till the print heads started to play up. Then all of a sudden printhead failure. So it started with alignment failures and with the black and yellow printheads and now all of a sudden the cyan and magenta printhead is not working. No complaints from the machine about the black and yellow bizzarely now!!. So I checked for prices of these things on the internet and each printhead costs almost 40-50 pounds to replace. Why would anyone replace the **bleep** printheads for more than the cost of another all in one printer ?? So why are these printheads so **bleep** expensive and so **bleep** prone to failure? The only advice you can find from HP is to change the printheads. Obviously they would say that. However I refuse to replace with new print heads. I'll buy some other cheap all in one and definitely not HP. This kind of silly throw away culture really needs to be changed. The machine is in perfect condition yet I'm going to have to dispose of it simply because of the print heads. Also can these companies not invent ink which does not dry up? I guess no profit in that.

Anyway enough of the rant I'm sick of these money grabbing corporates so thought I'd vent it on HP. Hopefully some HP employee will give me some answers.


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Re: Printhead failure !! too expensive to replace !!!!!!!!

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There are a number of things to do that would be more productive than a rant:

If indeed you need a new printhead be aware that the Officejet L7580 is a high end office printer, rated for up to 7500 printed pages per month.  It is possible to buy a low end all-in-one device for less than the cost of the printhead used in the L7580, but that is certainly like comparing apples to oranges - or perhaps kumquats to grapefruit.  


If you only print occasionally you may be happier with a low end unit with the printheads integrated into the ink supply (IPH).  In these models a fresh printhead is supplied with each cartridge change.  The tradeoff is performance and cost; the IPH systems will have slower printing speed and higher cost per printed page.  


As for ink not drying, this would be very unpopular with anyone that needs to handle printed pages.

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Re: Printhead failure !! too expensive to replace !!!!!!!!

Very old forum here that I found googling about printheads! Ok, you may be able to clean a printhead via water and vinegar, just be sure you don't contact the electronic chip with the liquid, or any liquid for that matter! Check out YouTube!

Also, the clogging of a printhead is caused by non-use of the printer or very dry air, or a combination of the two! So print something every few weeks whether you need to or not to keep the ink flow going, and don't keep your printer next to the furnace or electric heater or what have you! Good luck all! Smiley Happy
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