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c309a problem loading photo paper



I have a C309a printer that has difficulty in loading photo paper most of the time.  It goes through the motion of moving the tray into the printer, but it won't pick up the media (4x6) unless I use a pencil to push the photo paper forward.  It'll report that it's "out of paper" and prompts me to load paper into the Photo tray.


I've tried different brands of photo paper with no better result.  I've also tried to reduce the amount of paper in the tray with somewhat limited success as it's a hit and miss scenerio.  The pencil push method works but it does mean that I have to be around to "feed" it.


I have cleaned the rollers (which weren't that dirty anyway), turned off the power many times to no effect.  Is there a solution for this printer or is it faulty from day one?


I also find that this unit tends to hang from time to time when trying to scan or copy after it awakes from sleep mode.  The only solution that works is to power the unit off before I have to copy or scan.


I can hear the scanner and ink heads move into position, but it just stays there and after awhile, the ink heads move back into its parked position.  The printer then freezes and I am forced to turn it off and on again in order to resume.  Once restarted, the copy functions will work.  Is there a solution to this?

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Re: c309a problem loading photo paper

Hello Moonbase,


I have a C309A, too! And, I've also had pick issues when using photo media. I attribute the issue to the fact that I don't print photo's very often.


To resolve the issue I had to restack/reload the photo media, just as you did. The only other work around I can think of is loading the photo media in the main tray. If you do this, you'll have to tell your printer where to pick the media from. Hit print and when your printer dialog box comes up you'll have to select the option to pick from main tray instead of photo tray.

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Re: c309a problem loading photo paper

Hello Miles,


Sorry I had to step out for a moment.  Thanks for your reply...I think that your suggestion of using the main tray instead of the photo tray is a sound one.  I will definitely give that a try and hopefully my level of frustration goes down. 

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Re: c309a problem loading photo paper

Hi All,


I had the same problem with my printer. No matter what I did the photo paper would not  load.

My printer is out of warranty so I figured I had nothing to loose by pulling it apart.

So the problem on my machine was the green soft plastic strip that the photo paper runs up as it feeds into the printer.

Please see the images attached. The green arrow points to the strip.

The plastic ramp it is inserted in simply clips into the back of the printer and is real easy to remove. There are only 2 clips (red arrows). Once the ramp is out you can pull the green soft plastic strip out. The soft plastic strip in my machine was actually grabbing the paper and stopping it from feeding up the ramp. Once I put the ramp back in without the soft plastic bit the printer started working and I can now print photos again. You should probably see if you can replace the soft plastic strip as it probably serves some function apart from stopping you from printing photos.

It seemed like the soft plastic strip had degraded and become tacky or sticky.


I hope this helps everyone.






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Re: c309a problem loading photo paper

Thank you!! Was having the same problem. I pulled out the green tab and put it back. Now it seems to work.

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Re: c309a problem loading photo paper

It took a long time to find this - but it was the answer!  I just took some distilled water and a lint-free cloth to scrub the green strip, and now it prints photos like a charm!  Great detective work to discover the green strip!  Now we just need to get the word out - I'm sure lots of others are having this problem.  Thank you!

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Re: c309a problem loading photo paper

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Thank you so much; this was driving me mad! You star!


PS - They need to add this into the troubleshooting guide (Here) as that has no mention of this yet it was the cause of the loading issue!

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Re: c309a problem loading photo paper

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