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HP Color LaserJet - Lines/streaks
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Re: HP Color LaserJet - Lines/streaks

Trying to stop the lines on photos, guess could be toner problem, so changed all the 4 toners And now I get  question mark on the blue and yellow cartridges. I cleaned off remnants of sellotape adhesive but after a reset the ? marks are still there.

Have you got any ideas how to clear this error message? They are not Genuine Hp cartridges but are new from "Toner Giant" and I have used them before ok



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Re: HP Color LaserJet - Lines/streaks

Make sure you put the right colors in the right slots. 

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Re: HP Color LaserJet - Lines/streaks

Hey GeoffR2,


Color toner is the absolute hardest for 3rd party manufacturers to make.  The patents that Canon/HP and everyone else uses are tightly controlled and overlapping.  In other words, they may patent 100's formulas to get one color.


Back to the streaks... The companies who refil or make their own toner with Chinese made blanks (empties) and OPCs (drums) use a toner that is not even close in color and hope the machine will compensate for it through calibration.  So you will get a lot of re-calibration issues where the machines are losing their minds and calibrating after a handful of pages.  Also, the particles are larger, different shaped and react differently to the specific charge put onto the (non-HP) drums. 


All that said, there are a zillion different 3rd party manufacturers.  All you need is a small mixing machine and some access to the right chemicals.  There are too many suppliers of the base powders and 3rd party guys buy from the lowest price vendor.


Additionally, color toner does not have metals in it and rely on a semi-conductor charge (like a carpet giving you a shock) so sealing up the color toners against leaking is difficult.  Monochrome toners use magnetic seals, but lacking metals, color cannot.  Sealing them up is best left to the pros.  Also, some generics leak the entire toner load in one shot if the seal breaks.  That may effectively kill your machine.


Color is a really different animal than mono-chrome.  If you need quality prints, stick to OEM.  If you don't care if the colors are perfect and you can deal with leakage issues, then you can try  generics.  Just remember the newer units are a lot more percise and will not play nice with generics.   It's also a  high risk gamble. 



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Re: HP Color LaserJet - Lines/streaks

Ok Thank you for your help

Problem solved by the obvious.

Installed genuine Hp Toners and it works as it should do.

I managed to get Toner Giant to take theirs back for a full refund.

Thanks every body with there posts, all very helpfull

Thank you again



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Re: HP Color LaserJet - Lines/streaks

Yes replaced with genuin Hp Toners and all working properly now.

Thank you



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Re: HP Color LaserJet - Lines/streaks

not necessarily! Thats how HP makes their money, on consummables. A good refiller will test their toners before they send it out.  If its lines or streaks..which was never addressed, its the toner/drum cartridge, PCR or the refiller did not clean the toner cartridge proper.

Dont assume all are the same. A lot of junk toners come out of China/Mexico.

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Re: HP Color LaserJet - Lines/streaks

Hello,  Can you provide additional information to describe lines/streaks.  Do they appear on all pages, are they vertical or horizaontal in nature?  Also what model of Color LaserJet do you have?  This information will help deduce what may be the possible issue.



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Re: HP Color LaserJet - Lines/streaks

I have the same issues! I have an HP Laserjet pro 200 color mfp  mr76nw


I followed the instructions to re-download the software.

my printer puts itself in cleaning mode very frequently yet i don't see a way to make it do that at my command. I also cannot find any info on a "full" toner cartridge for this model or how to replace one.


any advice is welcome, thanks!

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