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Instant Ink offer

Office Jet Pro 6970
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
I recently bought an Office Jet Pro 6970 from Currys. On the box there was a label which said 'Up to 1 Years Instant Ink included. Unlocked with 3-month free trial + £72 voucher code in box'. When I opened the box I could not find a voucher code. How do I redeem
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Instant Ink offer

Instant Ink Trial will likely be activated when you sign up for a Paid Plan.  Pick the plan you want -- the billing should start after the trial period is over.  (Members have reported this method works.)


Start here:

HP Instant Ink – Top Solutions




Contact Instant Ink Support in your region to have your question(s) answered.




Instant Ink - HP Technical Support


Option 1


Wait for an Instant Ink agent to find and respond to your inquiry here on the forum.


Scams and Unscrupulous Contacts – Please READ:


  • HP does not post unsolicited messages on the forum that contain embedded phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Verify all phone numbers against HP Contact information in HP Documents.
  • Do not respond to random “we can help – call us at this number” messages.
  • HP will not call you to tell you there is a problem on your computer.
  • HP will not call you and ask for your personal information.
  • HP will not call you to offer you money.
  • Avatars and "HP" emblems inside an email or message can be faked.


HP and Forum Community HP Experts do NOT message, call, or email you and promise to fix a problem if you would just "call this number", give out your personal information, promise your first-born child, provide a credit card number.


And / Or


Option 2


Contact Instant Ink Support / HP Tech Support in your region, chat (as available) or speak with a “live person” and ask for help.



If the phone number(s) or contact information provided below do not work for you, please see your Terms of Service contract document for additional contact options in your region.




In USA or Canada

Cloud Services (during normal business hours):  1-855-785-2777

  • Verify the phone number in your Terms of Service document / contract


HP Instant Ink - Terms of Service

Lots of information, including definitions, including:

#  7:  Service Plans -- What is a page?

#  8:  Rollover Pages

#13:  Customer Support Center -- Cloud Services Contact Phone Number and online contact link

#15:  Cancellation


Not sure where to start?

HP Instant Ink – Top Solutions


HP Instant Ink, Sign-up, Information, and FAQ

Scroll down on page or click Three vertical white dots on blue background > top right of page

FAQ includes “Is my printer eligible for HP Instant Ink?”


HP Printers - Enrolling in HP Instant Ink

What is Instant Ink?  How it works – how to participate


HP Instant Ink - Obtaining Replacement Ink Cartridges

Includes instructions (#7-#8) if you do not receive your Instant Ink cartridges


HP Connected , ePrint, and Print Applications


Website Support Page > Troubleshooting, How-to, Video Tutorials

HP Instant Ink


HP Instant Ink - Is My HP Instant Ink Cartridge Broken?


Video Help

Fitting Instant Ink Cartridges in your HP Envy or Officejet Printer





HP Support - Specify help for Instant Ink: 0207 660 0596



HP Instant Ink - UK - Terms of Service

Lots of information, including definitions, including:

Top of Page:  Location, Contact Phone Number and online contact link

#  7 Service Plans -- What is a page?

#  9:  Rollover Pages

#13 Customer Support Center -- includes Contact Phone Number and online contact link

#16:  Cancellation


HP Instant Ink - UK - Overview / FAQs




Everywhere else:  Contact HP Support


Specify help for Instant Ink / HP Connected / Web Services

HP World-Wide Support





Video - Instant Ink – Signing Up and Getting Started


Video – Instant Ink – Thanks for Enrolling - What's Next?


HP Connected - Instant Ink – Where available > Click Supported Countries (top right of Webpage)

Thank you! I am an HP employee.

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