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Laserjet Printer 2025 - error 79

My printer no longer operates and shows error 79.  I have downloaded the uptodate firmware but the printer still isn't working.  What do I need to do next? Thanks


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Re: Laserjet Printer 2025 - error 79



Turn the product off, wait at least 30 seconds, and then turn the product on and wait for it to initialize.

If you are using a surge protector, remove it. Plug the product directly into the wall socket. Turn the product on.


The error 79 is due to an internal firmware error.

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Re: Laserjet Printer 2025 - error 79

I had the same problem on a cp2020dn with the error 79.  The turn off and on and the surge protector information didn't work.  Unlike others I had not downloaded the firmware update that others said was the problem.  I down loaded the firmware update and I still got the message and the printer did not work.  The problem it seems is not with the firmware or internal cards it is with the document the printer is trying to print.  The particular document causing the problem with my machine was one downloaded from the internet.  I went into control panel and printers then picked the driver that uses the cp2025 and deleted all the documents except the update firmware.  The firmware updated and now the printer prints like new.  By the way HP didn't charge for the firmware update and the machine was out of warranty since 2010.  I am using a Z1 running Windows 8.1 with the cp2025 connected directly through a cat 5 cable.

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Re: Laserjet Printer 2025 - error 79

Had the same error(79) and removing the oldest job from the print queue and restarting the printer did the trick.  Printer started up, initialized, and went to Ready state.  Then all other queued documents printed without error...

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Re: Laserjet Printer 2025 - error 79

Thanks for the help. I did just like you noted. I went to control, then printer set up, deleted the old print job reqest went trhough the process and then ready and print. Thanks for saving me $ on purchasing of a new printer.

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Re: Laserjet Printer 2025 - error 79

I did some research into the 79 Error once I got the error on an HP CP2025 and found something very interesting.   Since each PC on our campus has its own print queue I had to find the PC with a print job still in queue.  If I disconnected the printer from the LAN it was just fine, no errors.  As soon as I plugged the LAN back in, the error showed up, so that's how I knew it was a screwed up print job causing the error.  After much digging I found the PC with print jobs destine for the HP.  I cleared the jobs and the printer worked just fine for everyone on campus.  I wasn't satisfied, so...

I had the individual reproduce her print job and found something very interesting and I was able to reproduce the error from other PCs on campus.  Using IE 11 (and I don't know if various IE versions have the same issue) go to and choose any recipe, then choose the web sites print icon and print the page.  Every time I did this our printer went into 79 Error.  I tried the same web site from Chrome and it printed just fine.

I stopped there and told that user, "don't use IE anymore, and use Chrome".

There must be an initialization code built into the print job that the printer is reading and it's stuck in a loop.

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Re: Laserjet Printer 2025 - error 79

this is interesting...I was trying to print from, same error. deleting the print job did the trick.

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Re: Laserjet Printer 2025 - error 79

En Windoews 10, utilizar la aplicación de Corrección de errores o Solucionador de errores, antes borrar los documentos pendientes de impresión.

Se soluciona el problema debido a una sobretensión eléctrica.

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Re: Laserjet Printer 2025 - error 79

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