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Printer shows "offline"

All of the sudden I cannot print and the printer shows "offline"   Printer has been turned off, unplugged and no change.  When turned on there are two red lights flashing, Second from start button and last on on right - arrow down


HP deskjet D4200

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Re: Printer shows "offline"



Please try the print diagnostic utility this resolves many common printing issues including the printer being offline.


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Re: Printer shows "offline"

1) Go to Start on bottom left

2) Click on it, and you will see "Printers and Faxes" (click on it)

3) On the top left of the window, click on files, and follow down to "Use Printer Offline"  (click on it, and it will change to "Use Printer Online")


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Re: Printer shows "offline"

We have an Officejet Pro L7680 All-in-one


If your printer is showing "offline" when you check 'Printers & Faxes' under Windows, the cause may be an out-of-date print cartridge.


Some HP printers require that the printer cartridges be up-to-date, and have not passed the expiration date printed on the label, which the printer reads electronically.


Open the cartridge door, pull out each of the cartridges, and check the dates.


If any of the cartridges are past the expiration date, replace them.


Your printer should immediately return to an "online" status.


The printer will also immediately print any spooled/pending documents, so before you get the printer back, you may want to cancel some of the duplicate documents that may be waiting in the queue.

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Re: Printer shows "offline"

The problem with the idea of replacing the printer cartridge with a new one is that I could not find cartridges for my L7780 at the store.  When I called HP support, they informed me that my printer is concidered OBSOLETE by HP, so HP is not making cartridges for it any longer. 


This printer is not but 3 years old!!!!!  It was also a very expensive multi function printer with some high end features.  Now it's about as good as a brick. 


Based on HP's lack of support for the products they make and sell.  I can say I will not be purchasing another HP product.  And I buy alot of them. 


  • The laptop I am typing on is HP.
  • My Kid's laptop is HP.
  • I've owned numerous HP printers.
  • The servers I purchase for my Employer have been HP.

But if this is what you get, I'm done with them.


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Re: Printer shows "offline"



I am sorry to hear about your experience. I am not sure if you still have your printer or if you are interested, but if you are, HP has a tool called HP SureSupply. You can put in your printer model and it will show you all the choices of ink for your printer and you can proceed to purchase them. Again I can understand if you are upset I am just trying to help. Either way I wish you luck.

HP SureSupply

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Re: Printer shows "offline"

Well, I have just run into this little HP trap.  I have a perfectly functional HP Office jet Pro L7680.  However, I have ink cartridges that are about 18 months old (from purchase at Cosco).  I still have several of these unused.  The printer has now decied that even though I won the printer and the ink, I can not print with this unit becasue the expired ink "might" cause damage that would void the warranty.  Never mind that the warranty on this printer has long ago expired.


What am I goint to do about this - thor wthe printer ouit and NEVER purchase any item from HP again.  Thisis the ultimate in customer rip off.  Thanks HP.  You used to be a good US company - alas, no more.

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Re: Printer shows "offline"

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I have the same problem (L7680). There is plenty of ink. I have ordered more ink but I need to scan today. Since the printer shows offline the software won't install. The printer is plenty old and I rarely use it for printing. When it completely dies I'll buy a Brother. Maybe HP has changed this policy but I don't want to buy another HP just to find out after a year or so that the new HP has the same problem.

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Re: Printer shows "offline"

Bob101345, your procedure does not work on W7 nor XP.

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Re: Printer shows "offline"

I've had this nagging issue with a Laserjet M451NW, where the queue goes offline. Only cycling the print spooler or rebooting the computer fixes it and brings the printer back online. No evidence of the problem in any event logs. Does anyone know if the toner expiration date is a problem with with this model printer? I can see no expiration date on the toner cartridge markings. Thanks...
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