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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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The Poly Video Conferencing Knowledge Base is live! We look forward to helping you with common issues and troubleshooting advice!
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We are using HDX 6000 VC in our location . We are using BSNL Wimax broadband  1 MBPS line with static IP. Vendor has installed the equipment and shown with M100 software about the connectivity and said its working fine.

After that we tried with BSNL wimax connectivity , after reaching the call at other end call is connecting and my video only displaying. Thier video is not coming and audio is not coming. 


Any license to be activated??

Any audio /video ports to be activated?


Can you pls help on this issue?? 






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Sounds like a typical Firewall issue..   You might try calling my test site ( and see if you get audio and video then....   If not, you have a firewall issue.


Gary M

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Checked the same . Your site is connecting but your screen is nt displaying.

In call information-- > call statastics -- Recieve bits column full blank values. 


Is the issue with firewall at service provider? cause we are not using any intermediate firewalls. 

From BSNL we are directly connected to VC.





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Now my video is visble at other end and audio also.


Thier video /audio is not recieving here...



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My issue resolved by changing setings in Polycom.



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@madhucrony wrote:

My issue resolved by changing settings in Polycom.



Hello madhucrony,

I assume that other users would be quite keen to find out what settings you have changed on the Polycom equipment end in order to fix your issues.


Could you be so kind and post this information here in the community in order to prevent others to having to post a similar question?

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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I have doen the following .


Natted the local ip to static IP in Equipment.

resstarted the equipment . Video /Audio outgong has activated.  But still we have a problem in Imcoming call. Vendor is saying out modem is not supporting Incoming facility.




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I have the same isssue:

I Natted the TCP/UDP port for Polycom VC IP address in my router. When calling, the other side can receive our voice and video but we received nothing. Black screen and without voice. And I cannot receive also incoming call. Even in my router, it's allowed all services. 


Do you think that ISP's firewall had blocked it?

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please allow me to jump in on this thread, since I'm facing the same thing and this thread is rather fresh:

On a client's site I have a Polycom HDX6000 behind a WatchGurad XTC25.
The internet line is 2.5Mbit symmetrical, with no chance to modify anything outside the WatchGuard.
I've got 6 public IP addresses, of which I want to use one dedicated for the VC system.

After trying for hours and hours, I'm stuck as follows:


Making test calls to the Polycom test directory sites, I only see my picture in the upper right, but the main screen remains black.
Calling the client's headquarters in China, they said they could see and hear us, but not vice versa.


I have been able to put the VC system on a slow ADSL line completely unfiltered to the internet, and could see at least those of the Polycom test sites, where they play a video stream (Israel, Massachusetts HD). So my conclusion is that the Watchguard presents the hurdle, although I'd expect that all the Polycom test sites should present a picture to me. 

Researching the internet, I found several guys who described the same problem, and I have tried to follow their respective advices as far as I understood them.

What I've done so far is:

on the WatchGuard:
1to1-NAT - NATBase: IPext - RealBase: IPint
- AnyExternal, IPint, IPext  <-> IPint, IPext, AnyExternal  open TCP389, UDP1718-1720, TCP1720, TCP1731,TCP3230-3243, UDP3230-3341
- even incorporated rules to let Any packets pass
- H323-ALG for AnyExternal -> IPext,IPint, UDP1719, TCP1720
- H323-ALG for IPint,IPext -> AnyExternal


on the Polycom:
use H323 gatekeeper: automatic
LAN: IPint
Network IP:
- fixed ports TCP3230-3243, UDP3230-3341 (ranges were automatically filled),
- NAT manual, IPext,
- on: FilrewallNAT is H323 compatible,
- off: H460 traversal


Attaching a PC with IPint address, it broadcasts IPext to the internet and can be ping'ed as IPext also. Thus I assume that the 1to1-NAT is defined correctly, and also the Any-rules do work.
But, when making calls to the Polycom test sites, I see the outgoing 1720 connection in the Watchguard's syslog, but there does not come a reply ...

As I'm not permanently on site, part of the testing must take place via VPN access. And due to the time gap, the Chinese headquarter as "the counterpart" is only available in the mornings ...

So I'm gladly expecting any hints or better recipes to overcome my dead-end ...


Thanks in advance

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See "Cant connect to HDX6000 system using browser" & search for other posts relating to Firewalls.

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