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Audio jack on Compaq Presario CQ57 isn't working properly

Windows 7 64 bit 


the audio jack isn't working properly, it tells me when I've plugged in headphones but the sound only comes out from one of them, and that's only if I fiddle with it a bit, I know it's not the headphones, they work fine in my ipod 


what should I do? will HP repair this for me for free, I have only had it one money and it has standard warranty 

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Re: Audio jack on Compaq Presario CQ57 isn't working properly

I assume the stereo speakers work? First things first. lol If not, probably a driver problem, but in any case, I would get into a chat with tech support, they have solved a few problems for me though I doubt your problem can be fixed through chat or a call to tech support, but it's worth a shot.


Another thing you can try is another set of phones or an extension cord available at any Radio Shack or on Amazon, the net, etc. Seems to me I read the Apple mini plug is a shade smaller than most, and an extension may fix this.


There is a little flap inside the jack which hits the side of the mini plug, use an exacto knife "carefully" to pry it upward. There is also another flap or area inside that hits the tip of the plug, this is more of a problem to correct as you would need to get at it somehow, and depending on your mechanical abbilities, I may or may not suggest doing this, and it may void your warranty, so ask tech support before attempting this.


 I am almost possitive it is just a matter of the mini plug not touching the contacts when inserted, and an extension cord or different set of buds/phones may solve your problem. I would try the extension cord first as you can return it if it doesn't solve the problem; then I would try to pry the flap in the opening up a bit, and see if this solves it. You need something very small, and stiff to pry that flap up, I use an exacto knife as I said, but a very small screwdriver may work; the kind you use for eyeglass repair, just something very small, and stiff.


Kepp in mind, I am just a very mechanically inclined individual, and will always take apart items to fix before sending for repair or buying anotyher, like DVD players, I have given new life to quite a few players by simply cleaning the lens with a cotton swab, and a light mixture of alcohol, and distilled water just moisting, then wring out the swab so no liquid can leak onto the lens. You may also try this with the mini jack, could be it's dirty inside, I fixed a few doing the swab repair as well. Just make sure all power is off, battery out, power plug out, and do not make the swab so wet it will dribble inside, just moisten slightly.


Yes, I think this would be coverable under the warranty if all else fails.

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