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HP dv9700 no audio device is installed - x red volume

Hello. I have this laptop HP dv 9700 and no sound any more. In device manager there is no sound. or cd drive seen  And now no cd drive any more as well  some time was there and sudnaly disspairing  - Device manager all clear  - look all installed nothing with red or yellow. I did install all drivers from HP web site for this computer. Nothing. scann with norton 360 - all clear now. reinstall system originaly to factory settings  - nothing. What can I do guys? possible to be with mother board problem? In windows services start up Audio corectly.

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Re: HP dv9700 no audio device is installed - x red volume

Any fixes yet? I've been after this fix for over 2 months now. I have Vista, I've used the recovery 3 times (which has always fixed everything) NOTHING!!! I've put XP on, nothing, bought 7 put it on, nothing, now back to vista STILL NOTHING!!! My device manager doesn't even show any audio devices. My neighbor has a HP Pavilion she bought the exact same time I bought my Presario 2 years ago and her CD player did this same exact HP must just make piece of crap computers so you'll buy a new one (again) in just a couple years. So the only thing I can think is yes I am going to eventually buy another brand new PC, but if HP thinks it's going to be their brand they're crazy!!! IF you find a fix for this I would love to know, but I have a feeling it's the actual speakers in the laptop coming unplugged so good luck!

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Re: HP dv9700 no audio device is installed - x red volume

Please put in mind that anythings that move will broken.

Both of you may have a hardware issue, not a common one but it may happen.


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Re: HP dv9700 no audio device is installed - x red volume

Hotrhodd is absolutely right, I've seen so many people on the internet with these problems for this HP product but seems OK for everyhting else. I still have the same problems with my audio randomly uninstalling itself and when it works just suddenly stops ten minutes in. I need a solution because i can handle my CD/DVD drive not working but this is too much now after only having it a year or two.

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Re: HP dv9700 no audio device is installed - x red volume

 Rakhman, this is not hardware problem. Sound working fine in Safe Mode. This is drivers problem. Usually I install one driver for AUDIO, not this time. Honor Student is right, I read so many complains about this problem.

Now I have two hp laptops dv9700, both has NO AUDIO. I spent several hours to find accurate drivers and several downloaded from HP website - no results.

I'm going to order recovery disk from HP, hope this one will work.

Maybe somebody has a FORMULA how to install AUDIO drivers? Smiley Sad

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Re: HP dv9700 no audio device is installed - x red volume



This is not my ID ??????!!!!!!!

How can I change to  right one (which I was signed)

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Re: HP dv9700 no audio device is installed - x red volume

Try this:

My son and I have the L2000 laptop that came with 32 bit XP and used the Conexant chipset for Audio. I had been using an SB Audigy PCMCIA card so I am not sure when Audio was really lost; however, he noticed it when I upgraded his PC. I scoured various forums looking for 64 bit  Windows 7 drivers for Conexant audio but to no avail. Microsoft and Conexant both said that HP should supply the drivers. By the way HP, the Conexant website says that they do not supply drivers even though they make the chipsets "at the request of the OEM's." Another post said that HP was not going to supply these drivers for Windows 7. The solution from HP for my model and Windows 7 was the "HP Software Advisor" which was 67MB and totaly useless. It appears that this is a very common problem. Anyway, here is what you do:

First you need 2 files which ironically enough come from HP, they are SP35558.exe and SP35558.cva They contain the Conexant drivers for Vista x64. (I subsequently have found the 32 bit drivers and the procedure should be very similar except the files are SP34789.exe and SP34789.cva). Type the following into your browser address bar About half way down you will find these files. Just right click each one and save to your desktop.(The 32 bit files are in a different subdirectory at

Double click SP35558.cva and tell Windows to use Notepad to open it. Scroll about half way down to "[Operating Systems]" and after "WV64UL=OEM" insert:

( For 32 bit systems use W732HB=OEM, etc.)

I next went up about 10 lines to "[System information]" and added

SysName3=HP Pavilion ze2000 series
SysName4=Compaq presario M2000 series
SysName5=Compaq Presario M2000 series
SysName6=HP Special Edition L2000 series
SysName7=Compaq Presario M2000 series
SysName8=HP Special Edition L2000 series

I got this information from another cva file on my PC at C:/swsetup/   (This is thedefault  directory for HP updates.)

After modding the cva file, I saved it to C;/swsetup/sp35558/

I then executed the SP35558.exe file and voila I had sound, nice crisp clear sound.


The use of the cva file is to streamline the driver install and it is kind of cool if it works. If you cannot find it or you are not successful the first time or you do not want to bother with modding anything, do not worry, the manual install will work for sure.


Run sp35558.exe to extract everything and let it strike out. Then go to Device Manager and update the driver manually as follows:

Under Device Manager, right click "Multimedia Audio Device" under "Other" and choose "Update Driver" Then "Browse your PC" and "Choose from a list". Select "Sound, audio and game controllers", then "Conexant", then "Have Disk". Browse to C:/swsetup/sp35558/ and open "cp6308Ba.inf" (64bit remember). Now choose "OK" and ignore any warnings about incompatibility, WHQL, etc. Give it plenty of time, you might think you are in a loop, but you are not. Congratulations, you are done.


Hope this helps.

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Re: HP dv9700 no audio device is installed - x red volume



Thanks for the detailed instructions!  But, I get the install failed message in the end for drivers ... still seeing the speaker icon with red cross...


In these days of internet, I was surprised and disappointed to find nothing concrete from HP nor from Microsoft ... shame on them for such poor service..

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Re: HP dv9700 no audio device is installed - x red volume

Same for me.  i downloaded the driver and modified the text specs but still no luck.  Has anyone else figured out how to restore the audio device?

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