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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP ZBook Fury 15.6 inch G8 Mobile Workstation PC (31Z44AV)

Hello community,


I have had my Zbook Fury G8 for about 10 weeks and I think it is the best HP Laptop I have ever had. The Linux support was superb, everything worked out of the box. Camera, bluetooth, TPM, microphone .... everything. Suddenly, audio stopped working.

This is the herald of doom in my `dmesg` output: "snd_hda_intel 0000:01:00.1: no codecs initialized"

It usually looks like this:



Somehow this relates to the built in  NVIDIA graphics board. The output above happens when I set the graphics mode to hybrid in the laptop's BIOS. When I use the other setting for graphics (I think it is named "discrete", or something like that) the error message "snd_hda_intel 0000:01:00.1: can't change power state from D3cold to D0 (config space inaccessible)" does not appear and the sound card seems to start, but is rendered useless and I still get the "no AFG or MFG node found" and "snd_hda_intel 0000:01:00.1: no codecs initialized" errors. Whenever I try to load a driver for the NVDIA board, I get


    nouveau 0000:01:00.0: can't change power state from D3cold to D0 (config space inaccessible)


Essentially, the same error message appears when using the proprietary NVIDIA driver, except for it tries to start the board multiple times but eventually gives up, because of that error. No matter what I do, graphics settings in BIOS, Linux drivers I use and order in which I load the drivers, I always get the D3cold-to-D0 error for my NVIDIA card, According to the Internet, the audio part of the graphics board is managed through the snd_hda_intel-driver and that is messed up, because the board does not start up.


How did I end up in this situation? I closed the lid on my laptop while it was running.


After opening the lid the laptop tried to wake up, but got stuck so i had to turn it off and back on again. After that, audio was gone. Besides the internal sound not working, I cannot connect any bluetooth headset anymore. Syslog says:


bluetoothd[1305]: src/service.c:btd_service_connect() a2dp-sink profile connect failed for [redacted]: Protocol not available


I have multiple headsets, it is the same error for all of them. They all work perfectly with other devices. My bluetooth mouse is still working, so I guess it is a very audio-specific problem.


It would seem the NVIDIA chip is was somehow upset by a failed hibernation attempt and I have no means to pull it out of this state. As a result the audio drivers break and I am stuck with no sound at all.


Can anybody help me with this?

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Hello @MichaelBenges 


(1) Update BIOS

use bash script to check your bios version


for d in system-manufacturer system-product-name bios-release-date bios-version
   echo "${d^} : " $(sudo dmidecode -s $d)


Do you have the latest bios version ? 01.09.11 Rev.A ?

If not, go to another windows 10 computer and reate a bootable usb flash drive to update your bios

HP BIOS and System Firmware (T95)

01.09.11 Rev.A24.1 MBJun 10, 2022Download

Why should you update the BIOS ?


Quote: "

Updating the BIOS is recommended as standard maintenance of the computer. It can also help resolve the following issues:

  • An available BIOS update resolves a specific issue or improves computer performance.
  • The current BIOS does not support a hardware component or a Windows upgrade.
  • HP Support recommends installing a specific BIOS update.


(2) Disassemble your notebook !

( Everything is explained here ! )

Maintenance and Service Guide

- Remove power charger

- Disassemble notebook

- Remove battery

- Remove CMOS battery (check guide if it's there or not)

- Press and hold power button for 30 seconds [or] short-circuit +/- of cmos battery connectors on the motherboard

 [ When it's done ]

- Connect CMOS battery (check guide if it's there or not)

- Connect battery

- Assemble notebook

- Connect power charger


(3) Start notebook and enter BIOS to load setup defaults, save and exit

(4) Start linux and test again ...



Please report your results


best regards


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Do this on the post I wrote that helped solve it.

Thank you very much


HP Recommended


Thank you for your suggestions. I did a firmware upgrade and as a result the error messages went way, but all the symptoms remained. To get back to a working machine I switched to kernel 5.15.53. Everything is working now and I don't get any strange error messages anymore. My laptop (apparently) works as well as it did before!


The long story

After the firmware upgrade I also did a BIOS factory reset to make sure there weren't any left-overs. After that I wouldn't get any errormessages in dmesg anymore, but still no sound and I still couldn't connect any Bluetooth audio devices. As a new artifact, the nouveau driver gets sort of stuck during system startup and the screen is frozen for roughly 5 minutes. After that the laptop would work, but my guess is the i915 did all the lifting.


Since the NVIDIA board  also works with the sound drivers I looked into this new artifact first.

When using the nouveau driver, there is the early error message "failed to load nvidia/ga107/nvdec/scrubber.bin". That file/firmware simply doesn't exist, so I don't count this as an error. Key messages are (maybe):

[drm] Cannot find any crtc or sizes
[drm] Initialized nouveau 1.3.1 20210801 for 0000:01:00.0 on minor 0
[drm] Cannot find any crtc or sizes
[drm] Cannot find any crtc or sizes

then I get a lot of

mc: intr 00000040

messages from the driver until finally there is

disp:child 0 stat 00007082 reason 7 [UNRESOLVABLE_VABLE_HANDLE] mthd 0208 data f0000000 code 00000000
DRM: failed to idle channel 0 [DRM]

with the next vt switch, e.g. after a successful login at my DM, the screen would freeze for minutes and after that the dmesg ring buffer is completely filled with messages like these:

i2c: aux 0006: begin idle timeout ffffffff

timer: stalled at ffffffffffffffff

WARNING; CPU: 7 PID 51 at drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nvkm/subdev/mmu/vmmtu102.c:43 tu102_vmm_flush+0x135/0x140 [nouveau]

RIP: 0010:tu102_vmm_flush+0x135/0x140 [nouveau]


Using the closed-source NVidia driver there aren't any graphics issues anymore, but still no sound and Bluetooth audio.


I went ahead and googled for virtually every line of sound related output I could find in my dmseg output. Ultimately, I found some post that reported similar sound issues and similar dmesg output as I have on my machine. The user could tie the problem to upgrading from kernel 5.17 to 5.18. I was on 5.18, because I had issues with Debian's default 5.10 kernel.


I built and installed 5.15.53, the most recent longterm Kernel, at the time of this writing. My dmesg output still looks exactly like before (at least w.r.t. sound) but now sound and connecting Bluetooth audio devices works again. I am still on the proprietary NVidia driver, so I cannot tell if nouveau would work with 5.15, but at the moment I don't care.

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Nice story 😁


Let me know what you find out.

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