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No audio output device is installed

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I've been having trouble with my HP DV6904ca laptop on Windows 7 Ultimate. I haven't had this problem for a while now but it has suddenly come back to bite me in the a** and it's annoying the hell out of me.


I shut down my computer and when I turn it on again there's an X over the speaker icon in my taskbar hover over it and it says "No audio output device is installed" and I know a lot of hp laptop owners are experiencing the same problem; I've googled for hours and no luck with this. 


Here's what I've tried:


-There's no sound, video, game controllers option in my device manager although I installed Realtek HD Audio .258 from their website

-System restore doesn't do anything

-Microsoft fixit doesn't do anything

-Troubleshooter doesn't do anything

-HP Support doesn't do anything

-Reinstalling drivers from HP website comes up with "Could not find MEDIA for this device"

-My own system information doesn't detect the soundcard either


Is there any real solution to this problem other than the generic obvious ones? Like wow, I'm really close to throwing this computer against the wall and getting something new because the impression I'm getting are that HP computers are unreliable and the company doesn't even provide assistance for customers.

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Re: No audio output device is installed

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This error often happens on laptop using Windows 7, the OS boot process to recognize the drivers on  laptop has happened, fix it by updating the new code for your laptop, unless you reset the system the new. When you reinstall the new OS, all drivers should be installed before sound if not automatically detect Windows 7


link IDT code


i hope u work Smiley Happy

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Re: No audio output device is installed

you can try the previous suggestion, but it probably won't work. I have the same problem with all the exact same things you said. No 'sound, etc.' option in the device manager, computer won't even recognize that it has a soundcard, and so on. I never even updated my OS to windows 7. It just started all by itself. Even tried a system restore to before it had this problem to no avail.


I've scoured the internet for HOURS and I'm just beginning to think that I need to just buy a new laptop. This one is only 3 years old!

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Re: No audio output device is installed

I had the same problem & tried that link. above. The first time I tried that download it didn't work . So I went in & uninstalled the driver manually & redid the download . Everything is working perfect now.. To manually uninstall the driver click start  then control panel then  click on device manager then double click sound,video & game controllers then double  click on IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. A window will open . Click Driver then click uninstall. After uninstalling the driver ,go  to the  link below & run the download.


link IDT code

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Re: No audio output device is installed

i have the same problem but mine is a desktop. what do I do


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Re: No audio output device is installed

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Hey Rawr, 


I'm sorry you're running into this issue. Which desktop do you have?


 Here are the steps to find your product number



I'll keep an eye out for your reply Smiley Happy

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