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Sound keep stopping.. dv8-1110ea

Hi guys, bought my DV8 about 2 months ago... and lately this has been happening about 3-4 times a night. I'm listening to music and all of a sudden... sound just stops working.


OS: Windows 7 (x64)

Laptop: dv8-1110ea

Usual applications running:  Chrome, Firefox, MSN, Spotify, Skype, Raptr


NVIDIA High Definition Audio - Enabled -

IDT High Definition Audio CODEC - Enabled - 6.10.6269.0


Latest firmware and sound drivers


First things first, I'm not a computer noob...


I've tried spamming Mute in Windows and on the actual laptop, I've tried taking external speakers out and in the jack that they were working in... If I click the volume icon in the bottom right with music playing, there is no audio bar moving... if I click mixer, whatever I'm listening to (Spotify) does show the audio bar moving, but (Speakers and Dual Headphones (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) doesn't have that...  


I've found the only way to fix it (usually works) is to click that and bring up the properties and select "Don't use this device" and then go to Audio Troubleshooting and allow Windows 7 to automatically re-enable the device...


This has only started happening recently as well and is quite frustrating :/



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Re: Sound keep stopping.. dv8-1110ea

Is nobody else having this issue? Are there any mods at all on this forum?

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Re: Sound keep stopping.. dv8-1110ea

I had the same problem. Just reinstall the audio driver and that should do the trick. Did for me at least.

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Re: Sound keep stopping.. dv8-1110ea

I'm having the same problem.  Had windows search for a driver update, and it said that I had the most current driver...

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Re: Sound keep stopping.. dv8-1110ea

Ok, I have caught up to you.


I have updated my BIOS, and reinstalled the sound drivers, and ensured they are the most current.


I have another strange temporary fix you may try.  


If I bring up the sound card options dialog in Windows, then go to the enhancements tab, and disable the enhancements, apply, then re-enable the enhancements, hit apply - this will make my sound start working again TEMPORARILY.


Did you find any fixes yourself?

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Re: Sound keep stopping.. dv8-1110ea

I too have intermittent Audio on my 45-day old HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Notebook dv8t-1200 with Windows 7 64 bit.

My audio often stops working when I use the headphones and switch between more than a couple programs using audio, like iTunes and the mp3 web site, or the Corel VideoStudio movie editor

I have never had a problem with just using the laptop built in speakers, but the speakers are affected with an intermittent problem IMMEDIATELY  AFTER I use the headphones.

With no audio producing program running, the Volume Mixer shows 2 sound sources, “Speakers and Dual Headphones (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC)” and the “System Sounds”.    In the Control Panel, “Speakers and Dual Headphones” are the default device and the default Exclusive mode is checked.  Another playback device called, “Independent Dual Headphones” is the “default communication device” and does NOT have exclusive mode checked.

When I plug into one of the dual headphone jacks, nothing changes in the Mixer.  I remove the headphones.

Now add iTunes and it shows up in the Volume Mixer.  Playing a song in the speakers works fine.  Plug in either a regular (non-mic) or iPhone headphone/mic and it plays fine.  Unplug headphones.

Now simultaneously run mp3 site on IE 8.0 browser.  Preview song and speakers play it and Mixer shows IE as new sound source.   Plug in reg. headphones and it plays.  Switch to iTunes and it play.  Switch back to Amazon it plays.  LOAD ie8 browser with a new page on Amazon and preview a song and it does not play in headphones but mixer graph shows it is playing. 

Remove headphones and speakers don’t work with Amazon or iTunes even though mixer graph shows sound output. Close iTunes and now Amazon works on speakers.  Load new page on amazon and speakers don’t work but Mixer graph shows sound output.  Plug in headphones, same Amazon webpage plays. Use Word to type.  Try Amazon again, it doesn’t play.  Type in this doc some more.  Now Amazon does. Back to Word and go back to Amazon Now it does not. 

Put headphones back in and get same off and on audio when switching to do something in Word.   When I reload the IE8 browser, the System Sound will play the click, but the IE8 won’t play the tune. 

End the iTunesHelper process in Task Manager, but no change.

To eliminate restart and try two other audio sound sources.   Verify iTunes helper is running, but iTunes program is not on.

Test Corel VideoStudio12 (came installed laptop) and Amazon website with and without phones, reloading webpage stopping and staring Corel program moving headphones in and out.   Works fine. 

With phones use Media Center to watch recorded TV works.  Start IE 8 to Amazon and does NOT work, nor does media center.  Close media center and amazon works again, but open Media Center and no sound and amazon does NOT work.  Close Media Center and amazon, even reoloaded does not work.  Close both apps and they work separately, but both cannot be running or the other will not work.

Turn off Exclusive mode for “Speakers and Dual Headphones”

Retest as above.   Same headphone related problem with iTunes and Amazon, and Media Center . . . sometimes.  After several minutes it works with Media Center and Amazon.  I can play them simultaneously or sequentially headphones and speakers.  Start iTunes and Amazon and there are problems. 

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