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envy 17 headphones in mono not stereo

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I've recently purchased an HP Envy 17 (HP ENVY 17-j053ea, Window 8 64bit) and it appears that the sounds coming out of the headphone jack is in mono not stereo unless I downgrade the sound driver.


The machine originally comes with the  IDT High Definition Audio - 6.10.6454.0 driver installed, and the sound from the built in speakers sounds ok, but if plug in headphones and try the "Test" option or the "Configure Speakers" option on the devce (which are supposed to play the rising and falling tones in left and right channels) - I only hear mono through the headphones and it's slightly distorted too (quantization noise on quiet segments, before zeroing out).


If I Roll Back the Driver it gives me High Definition Audio Device 6.2.9200.16497, and when I re-run the tests the headphone is in stereo and the sound quality through headphones is good. Note that this driver doesn't seem to drive all the built in speakers, I think it's only drives the main pair, not the front pair or the sub-woofer, so using this driver isn't a long term solution. Note also that this driver doesn't support the Beats Audio control panel, i.e. none of the Beats options are available which isn't cool.


The above tests show the HW (and my headphones) are ok, but the driver isn't quite right.....


Note also that I've already encountered "Windows Update Hang at 15%" bug which I believe is audio driver related, but I've fixed this and it didn't help. I've also had a blue screen, apart from that the laptop is fine :-)

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Re: envy 17 headphones in mono not stereo

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Maybe a simpler question is - can anyone confirm that the headphone out on an new Envy 17 with up to date drivers is actually in stereo - i.e. the "Test" option or the "Configure Speakers" option actually appears in each ear one at a time??

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Re: envy 17 headphones in mono not stereo

Note that I have confirmed that the SRS version of the driver works, it's just the Beats version that doesn't. i.e. I used another HP laptop (an Elitebook 8560w) - it's a "business" model so it comes with the SRS branded stuff not Beats Audio (but they are essentially the same).


The point is that you can disable SRS - and the headphone audio is good, if you turn it on it is "enhanced" and has poor seperation - I get that the enhancements might be desirable for some users, but it's also essential that you can turn them off too. 



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Re: envy 17 headphones in mono not stereo

FYI - I found a fix for the stereo separation issue that had been bugging me, i.e.


  • Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
  • "{66E88EA2-A239-4e1f-82FF-2F45359AEC94},0"=dword:00000000


00000000 turns the "screw with the balance" feature off, 1 turns it on.


I don't know if the 7D3 GUID will be the same on all systems, but I dug it out of




The FriendlyName for this key is "Speakers / HP (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC)".


The flag will be reset if you use the Beats panel to change from Music to Voice or 3D Movie, but the music settings still work if you want them.


Turning the big "Beats Audio" checkbox from off to on does this


HKLM\SOFTWARE\IDT\Apo\GFX\LineOut\presets\_Initial\HPTone\Band0\GainDbx1000: 0x00000FA0
HKLM\SOFTWARE\IDT\State\UI\FuncParam0: 0x00000001

HKLM\SOFTWARE\IDT\Apo\GFX\LineOut\presets\_Initial\HPTone\Band0\GainDbx1000: 0xFFFFD120
HKLM\SOFTWARE\IDT\State\UI\FuncParam0: 0x00000000


GainDbx1000 is the bass control in the main Speaker/HP Properties Tone Controls Panel. Band1 is the treble. This is the "secret sauce" of Beats - i.e. you just turn the bass up to the max. 


I'm speculating, but the volume level fluctuations other user have suffered may be due to the channel mixing that is on by default - sometimes they'll reinforce each other, sometimes they wont depending on phase. More speculation - the internal speaker do sound a bit weaker with this off, but headphones are as they should be. I'm guessing you just get more power if you syphon a bit of left and mix it with right, and vise versa - assuming the phase doesn't cancel.


hope this helps....

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Re: envy 17 headphones in mono not stereo

Brand new HP ENVY TouchSmart m7-j120dx Notebook, and yes, there is a cross feed between the channels. BUT - if you use Media Player to play your files, I found a solution:  Within Media Player... Organize - Options - Devices - Speakers - Properties - Select Audio Device - Communicatiion Headphones (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC).  This will return good plain old 2 channel stereo.

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Re: envy 17 headphones in mono not stereo

Dude, thank you SO much! I can't express my gratitude enough. I've been trying to figure this out for so **bleep**ing long. 


I didn't even understand your message at first. Today was my first experience with the Windows Registry Editor. 


The "{7D3858BA-EFF0-4884-B3FC-CD231E332C4E}" was actually not found on my system (I have a HP Envy 4 Ultrabook Win 7), but I went through each folder that had "{66E88EA2-A239-4e1f-82FF-2F45359AEC94},0" in it. 


For those as clueless as me, here's some helpful steps in addition to envy17user's amazing post.


Click Start, in the search box or "run" window type in "regedit" to access the Windows Registry Editor.


Follow the folder's listed in envy17user's post:   




>SRS Labs



Once in the APO folder, click on every folder and look for "{66E88EA2-A239-4e1f-82FF-2F45359AEC94},0"





Whenever you see this, right click on the name and click "Modify" 


In the box that says "Value Data" change it to "0"


Do this for every folder containing "{66E88EA2-A239-4e1f-82FF-2F45359AEC94},0"




Seriously though, I find it completely ridiculous that so many HP computers have the sound set to mono by default. WHAT THE **bleep**!? I mean, I don't see the purpose for this, but at least make the option to switch to stereo simple. It took me way too long to find a solution to this problem, and it came from a regular user, not a HP rep. 



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Re: envy 17 headphones in mono not stereo

Thanks a lot this worked on my evny 15-151j.  I thought there was just something wrong with my laptop and couldn't get it working even on different drivers. I can't get hdmi audio either but that's another issue. Thanks again.

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Re: envy 17 headphones in mono not stereo



I think you have figured it out! HP and Microsoft no longer do any "beta" testing they let the customers do all the work.

I can only hope that they both go chapter 7 soon.



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Re: envy 17 headphones in mono not stereo

Thank you so much for posting a fix! There is absolutely no excuse for a system having mono sound, especially when the speakers and sound card are actually capable of real stereo, in the year 2015. Or in the 2000's/2010's at all.

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Re: envy 17 headphones in mono not stereo

please help i need used my headphones i hate this on mono

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