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Brand new HP Pavilion dm4 Notebook running extremely slow

Hi, I just got a notebook for christmas and it's slower than my brother's eight year old mac.

Simple programs will intermittently not respond (i.e.My Computer for 30 seconds at a time) and just other indications of sluggishness.

The only thing i have thus far installed is fire fox and have gotten little use out of the computer until now.




With nothing but task manager running I have:

  • 80 active processes
  • 4% CPU usage
  • 27% Physical memory

Here's my system information:


HP Pavilion dm4 Notebook PC

Intel Core i5 CPU                      M460 @ 2.53GHz    2.53 GHz

4.00 GB RAM (3.80 GB usable)

Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium

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Re: Brand new HP Pavilion dm4 Notebook running extremely slow

Hmm, it's looks like a good laptop. Have you done some maintenance, like defrag, registry cleaning etc..? When you buy a computer from HP, there is lots of bloatware installed. I suggest to uninstall all necessary programs a then clean the laptop up. I also recommend to uninstall Norton Antivirus (using the symantec removal tool). It's just a trial version for 3 or 6 months and then you have to buy a full licence. Uninstall it and install free Microsoft Security Essential as an antivirus...

Dv6-7000 Debian Jessie
HP ProBook 640 Sabayon LInux
HP Touchpad provided by HP

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Re: Brand new HP Pavilion dm4 Notebook running extremely slow

I have the same problem w/ mine, have you found a solution yet?  I've searched and not had any luck.

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Re: Brand new HP Pavilion dm4 Notebook running extremely slow

Yes, same situation w/ me.  Just bought new dm4 on 1/6/2012.    This thiing is so slow


I have only installed chrome.  

I updated drivers, defragged disk.

Still slow as a dog.  This baby might be going to the store.  

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Re: Brand new HP Pavilion dm4 Notebook running extremely slow

Me too ....


I wish I had returned it ... it is SO FREAKING SLOW my OLD computer was faster! 


Brand new laptop 750 g HD, 6 G ram, 64 bit with very few programs on it and CONTINUOUSLY stops responding.  Sometimes it is more than 6 times per day!


I cannot do anything except force a shut down which isn't good for the system.


I thought I was losing my mind - y boyfriend keeps telling me how he NEVER has any problems with Apple.


HP what is going on ... Steve Jobs thought highly of you ... this is terrible quality and performance.



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Re: Brand new HP Pavilion dm4 Notebook running extremely slow

[ Edited ]

btw, these STOP responding issues and VERY SLOW processing started from the beginning. 


It is very frustrating to be in the middle of a Word doc or simple Excel spreadsheet and it FREEZES!!! 


This morning it FROZE EVERY TIME I moved from one open website to another ... including if I wanted to scroll!


I have 407 g free of 677g


I think I will print off all of these previous comments return this HP laptop, I have lost so much time and productivity with this fits and starts.


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Re: Brand new HP Pavilion dm4 Notebook running extremely slow

I bought this laptop about a year ago, my first.  Seemed to work fine at the time but didn't really have any benchmark.  However, recently, it seemed to just bog down.  It takes several minutes to launch some applications.  It looks like it is stuck but if left alone, it finally does what asked.  I have another HP laptop and there is no question something is different.


I have uninstalled anything I considered extra including Norton.  Running MS security essentials.  No results on scan.  Also ran Malwarebytes - nothing indicated.  Then I uninstalled it and am left with just MS security.


It is like there is something running in the background but is quite invisible.  Not doing anything 'techy' with any programs.


Has just turned to molases

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Re: Brand new HP Pavilion dm4 Notebook running extremely slow

Same problem. I bought mine around September 2011. I figured out mine only does it when it is plugged in. So I charge it at night then leave it unplugged whenever I am on. I have tried adjusting all of the power setting to match; that didnt work. I still cant isolate whatever is causing the issue. I got rid of Norton and all of the extra junk right away after purchase. When I contacted HP support, they just kept telling me to restore the system to an earlier date; which never worked. I love this computer otherwise. I wish HP would help figure this out!

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Re: Brand new HP Pavilion dm4 Notebook running extremely slow

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I am using HP Pavilion g4 series and it is working pretty great I have to say (though over 1 year old). Here are some of my experiences with the laptop. Note: I had been through more than a slow speed problem, more seriosly BSOD (blue screen of dealth). But all become history now, hah


For a running slow HP laptop or netbook, on most cases, it is caused by system problems (for example poor system maintanence) rather than hardware issues (for example outdated RAM, HDD etc). So most of my tips below are related with system optimization.


  • Tip 1: uninstall those programs taking too much system resources. like "pepe999" said in this post a year ago, there may be some automatic programs installed and running on your HP when you bought the laptop. (yes, I was the case too). Most of those programs are useless and pop-out when your machine starts.
  • Tip 2: don't install too many similar apps on your HP. for this point, I suffered a lot for it. About half a year ago, I was testing a few similar applications on my computer, those apps are designed to fulfill almost the same task (I just want to test them). But 2 days after that, the suffering came and my laptop occurred random blue screen, I was scared at that time and kept force reboot. Luckily after removing those apps, the problem never comes again. Oh, thank god!
  • Tip 3: manage startups. There may be a lot of programs want to have fun when you start up or reboot your HP, typically if you often install third-party programs. The fact is they are competing, and the result is obvious - slow computer!
  • Tip 4: exit all other apps or services when gaming.  I am also a PC game player. But usually a great game will take a lot of system resources such as CPU, memory, graphics etc. So be sure to exist all other unneeded apps or services in order to make your game smooth and won't be disturbed.
  • Tip 5: do regular disk cleaning or defragment. This helps a lot to make all your system files in order and help prevent bad sectors etc. No matter you are using Windows 7, Vista, XP based HP comptuters, there is such tools equipped within your Windows.
  • Tip 6: have a good habit and treat your HP as a baby. This tip is the last and most important one, don't think your HP is just a machine, treat him/her as your boy or girl, then he/she will be healthy.


I also list a couple useful resources (tools & articles) for your reference:

> HP speed up or cleaning tools

> great tips for pc maintaning


Sorry for typing so long, but sincerely hope my answer will do some help to all we HP users Smiley Happy 


Best regards!


 - Zach    (a HP Pavilion g4 user)

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Re: Brand new HP Pavilion dm4 Notebook running extremely slow

Mine is a brand spanking Probook 4540S i5,  12GB RAM (yes that is a 12) 750GB 7200RPM HDD and without any my documents files on it yet it takes 3.5 minutes from pushing the on button to be ready to use. Disk cleanup? It says there is nothing to clean up (it is new after all). Defrag? Again it is new and the system files, Office 2010, etc take up very little space; but I thought I would analyse it anyway just in case. It took nearly 6 minutes to analyse 70GB and said it was only 5% fragmented no need to do anything.

This replaces a HP 8710P Centrino with 4GB RAM and a 250GB 5400rpm HDD. It still has everything on it plus all the data files in my documents and photos in my pictures, etc. From pushing the on button it too 1 minute 2 seconds to be ready to use.

Something is clearly wrong when the old "clunkers" outperform the new models.

Lots of people say these machine come bloated but unfortunately no one says what cannot be removed and what is bloat.

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