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Compaq Presario Freezing and Black screen randomly

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I have HP Compaq Presario CQ61-475SQ.

It's currently running on windows 8 but the problem was there with windows 7 as well.

At random times everything freezes, mouse, keepad, everything. I've waited for it to unfreeze for 30 minutes and nothing happened it remained frozen. Sometimes instead of freezing it just gets black screen, or black screen and then restart and again black screen. The only way to shut it down is to push the power button continiously. 

I've read about similar issues in this forum. I've gotten my HDD replaced, my RAM replaced (by local IT store with service) and it keeps freezing. I even tried the sound driver fix posted in another topic - I uninstalled the driver, deleted it, even disabled the sound card. Nothing works. I'm also quite sure it's not software problem because I reinstalled like 10 times with both Windows 7 and Windows 8. 

Note: while booted from live CD it won't freeze (i had it on that liveboot for 3 days without even restarting and not a single freeze or black screen or restart occured).

Note: it doesn't seem to matter whether the battery is in or not the freezes occure in both cases. However my batterys life is about 5 minutes so I have not rulled out the possibility that it is a power issue of some kind.


Could anyone help? 

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Re: Compaq Presario Freezing and Black screen randomly

Hello staticbg,


You’re having problems with the commute freezing.


Your system does not have the drivers for windows 8.

Here is a link to test the compatibility of your system for windows 8.


I would suggest going back to windows 7 and updating the Chip set driver and the BIOS.

Here is a link to the updates.


Let me know how everything goes.

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Re: Compaq Presario Freezing and Black screen randomly

My BIOS is up to date (just checked) and I updated the chipset driver.

However as I have mentioned I have already reinstalled with windows 7 and the problem remained. I am not sure that this time it would be different. I disabled the sound card entirely two days ago and since then no freezes have occured. Since I really do need that notebook in the next 2 months (exams and stuff) I am not sure I should do anything. If another freeze or restart occurs I will try to install windows 7 again.

Note: I was using windows 8 for almost 5 months with no problems. I am thinking that some windows updates might be the problem because after reinstall the first freezes happen after I update (on both win 7 nad win 8).


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