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DV7 with a blank screen and 2 flashes that reboots by itself after 2-3 mins with a continuous flash



I have a Dv7 3101sa with a blank screen upon start up. All the lights come on, with the cap lock/ number lock flashing. The number of flash's is 2 than a 3-4 second pause. it does this for about 2-3 mins than the laptop shuts itself down, than restarts by itself this time with a continuous flashing of the caps/numb lock. It will do this for a further 3-5mins before finally shutting down.  


I’ve tried doing a hard reset a few times but no joy. I've reseated the HDD and memory modules and also the comms battery. Still no joy. 


I’ve read up on the flashing error code and the 2 flashes when i first power on the unit seem to be a bios corruption. I have no idea what the continuing flashing means when the laptop shuts itself down and restarts. Maybe a faulty cpu? 

How do i fix the bios on a blank screen? Tried the win+b buttons on start up and i get nothing, just the same blank screen. 


When the laptop was working i did notice that the laptop would get quite hot under normal usage and the fan seemed to always be working hard. The battery was dead so i could only power the laptop with the ac charger plugged in. I've recently broght a new battery after the laptop died. 


Had the laptop for about 3-4 years and would really like to fix it, rather than getting a new unit. If anyone can help with this problem it'll be most appreciated. 




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Re: DV7 with a blank screen and 2 flashes that reboots by itself after 2-3 mins with a continuous fl

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Hello Tio77 :smileyhappy:


Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!


I understand the computer will boot to a blank screen. I will do my best to assist you! To troubleshoot the issue, please try the steps in this HP document: Troubleshooting Black Screen Displays with No Error Messages During Startup or Boot


This document contains the steps to resolve your issue. If these steps do not work,the hardware could be broken. I would contact HP support for assistance. You can utilize this website to learn how to contact HP appropriately, based on your region: Contact HP Worldwide


Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Have a great day!



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