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Dv9000: LEDs come on, Screen blank. HELP!
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Re: Dv9000: LEDs come on, Screen blank. HELP!

Can some body please sell me their broken DV Series laptop? I need them

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Re: Dv9000: LEDs come on, Screen blank. HELP!

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I have a near identical problem with my late 2008 HP HDX 18. I try to boot but the screen stays blank; I hear the blu ray drive a little, and then nothing. The LED lights stay on, but otherwise, no activity. Also, when it IS able to boot and I am able to use it, sometimes, after a few hours the screen suddenly goes blank; but the LEDs stay on. I use this computer to do all my work and I cannot afford for this to happen.


Frankly, I am quite tired of HP products going kaput with me. The wireless in my HDX works intermittently. I have a dv4000 that can't even boot; I previously had a dv6480; The wireless stopped working completely and now it won't even boot. All of these, I've been told, are problems with the motherboard. I have a Touchsmart IQ816 and the blu ray player stopped working after an HP update. The problem is that I got all of these, except for the dv6480, in a giveaway; I literally cannot afford to get all of these fixed.


I also forgot to mention the dates. With the dv6480; since January 2008. With the dv4000; since August 2009. With the HDX 18; since February 2010. TouchSmart; since August 2009.

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Re: Dv9000: LEDs come on, Screen blank. HELP!

Same problem here ....and the computer is just over 2 years old... and HP won't help - why should they anyway... I am making one last attempt to replace the HD and the DVD drive - if that fails - it's up for sale for parts. 



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Re: Dv9000: LEDs come on, Screen blank. HELP!

Hi, I'm not sure if you've fixed your problem yet, but the same thing happened to my dv9815nr. I ran across this bit of info that fixed it:


1. Carefully remove the hard drive

2. Power on the computer

3. Insert the hard drive.

Your computer should now work. \


The only bad news I have is that this issue happened 1 month ago. 1 week ago, my hard drive crashed. It could be an indication of a bigger problem.

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Re: Dv9000: LEDs come on, Screen blank. HELP!

One great way to ensure that your pc will NEVER work again is to install something while the motherboard has active power to it. Never plug anything in or our while the laptop is powered on. If you are interested in selling you broken laptops, I would be willing to buy them from you if the price is right. Please contact me as soon as you decide my number is nine one seven- six nine three- one two one nine. I have to write it this way so the mod will leave the post alone. If I put the actual digits they will remove them.

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Re: Dv9000: LEDs come on, Screen blank. HELP!

Wow, i had this same issue on my DV9000 back in January 2010, 4 days after my warranty expired, called hp they said the extended warrany did not apply to my laptop, but i had all the same issues that you all are having... all i can say is WOW 25 posts and not 1 HP rep to come on and back  and help us or give us information. If we all sign a waiver to take them to court we might be able to get this little issue fixed! any thoughts?

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Re: Dv9000: LEDs come on, Screen blank. HELP!

here is the answer.  HOW TO FIX YOUR DV6000/DV9000/DV2000

All the Problems described in the previous posts are Graphics Related..
Faulty Nvidia Chip..Both Intel And AMD Based Motherboards..Though More Common on the AMD..

The symptoms of the Laptop Powering on and Shutting Off Repeatedly..Or.. Powering On and Having No Video...Or... Power Strip Lights Up, Beeps,Shuts Down...Or..No Power At All...Or.. Intermittant Loss Of Wireless/Video Goes In And Out/Touchpad Slows and Freezes..

To Fix this issue, You will need to Reflow The Graphics Chip.

I will Explain In Full Detail As To The Correct Method Below....

HP DV6000/DV2000/DV9000 Compaq v2000 Video Chip Reflow Instructions

First Step Is Complete Disassembly Of All Parts And Components..
Remove RAM, Remove CPU, Of Course Remove Heatsink and Fan assembly.

Next Step is Insulating the Motherboard... You need to Protect The CPU area, The RAM area, Cover any plastic Plug ports.

Try to leave 1/4 inch area around the edge of the chip free of insulation.

To Insulate the Board.. I use thick pieces of Tin/Aluminum, you can fold up some aluminum foil (tin foil) About 4 folds thickness....

Now that you have your Motherboard Insulated... Make Sure There's Nothing Flamable Or Burnable Below the Motherboard... it will get quite hot underneath.

You will need a Heat Gun.. You can get one of these at your Local Home Improvement Store, they cost about $15 - $30.. You Will Use ONLY the LOW Heat Setting... I REPEAT..... USE ONLY THE LOW HEAT SETTING ....

Next You Will Need Some Coins.. Yes Coins..
8 Quarters and 2 Nickels... Put the 2 Nickels On the Bottom and Stack Quarters On Top...
Place The Stack Of 2 Nickels And 8 Quarters On Top Of The Graphics Chip...

The Reason for using the Coins: Using the coins serves a few purposes...
1) It Helps Transfers the heat Into The Chip More Evenly/Slowly
2) It Helps Hold The Heat Longer/Then Helps To Cool Slower
3) It Gives The Correct Amount Of Weight That Is Needed To Press The Chip

A Thing To Look Out For...

Hewlett Packard is nutorious for using the RED epoxy around the edge of the Graphics chip.. this epoxy is used to help secure the chip to the motherboard...
This is a process that is Hand Done at the Factory.. And Some Boards Will Have Only A Little Amount of this, Some Will Have Alot of it...And Some are Only Done On The Corner Edges....

If There Is Alot of This On Your Chip, You Might End Up Needing To Carefully (REAL CAREFULLY) Remove as much of this epoxy as able to....You can use a Razor Blade To Lightly Scrape This Off... DO NOT MISS AND SCRATCH THE MOTHERBOARD!!! Go SLOW...

Now Comes The Heating Of The Chip...

Start With The Heat Gun About 6 Inches Away From The Top Of The Quarter Stack..You want to be holding the gun at a 45% angle.. Aim the heat at the Edge of the chip, You Will Start Rotating Around the Chip- around the outer edge of the chip...then use tighter circles concentrating on the quarter stack, then after about 30-40 seconds, slowly move closer to the chip...
Never Move the Heat Gun Closer than the Top Of Your Coin Stack...Then Pull It Back And Slowly Repeat.. The Chip Needs To Get Hot Enough To Re-Melt The Solder Balls On The Underside Of The Graphics Chip Back Down To The Contact Pads On the Motherboard.. and this takes Quite Alot of heating to Do.... You Must Not OVERHEAT the CHip... It Is Best To Underheat it and have to Redo.. than to overheat.. It will cause the solder to break down and even crack/split.. causing failure forever...
This process will take about 3 minutes total.. Once you shut off the Heat Gun.. Leave The Stack of Coins On The Chip And Let Sit For Another 5 minutes..

Now Remove The Coins(carefull they might still be hot)
Remove All Insulation.. Reinstall RAM, CPU, Heatsink and FAN Assembly (and Of Course Thermal Pads or Paste.. Note:. If Paste Is Used.. It Must Be Silver Paste...

Now You Can Connect The Power Button Strip/ Video Cable And The DC Jack Cable.... And Plug In AC adapter .. You're Now Ready To Test For Solid Power and Video....

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Re: Dv9000: LEDs come on, Screen blank. HELP!

I have a dv900 at a year and some I cud tell it was running hot , bought a coolong pad for it , didnt really help and shortly after that got the blank screen. hp offered to fix it for 400. without even looking at it, I then got a case worker and he offered to fix it for 200, again without looking at the computer, they basically were no help (sorry about your luck your out of warranty)I like hp products , but will never buy another and I will tell everyone I know not to. just for the fact they know of the problem and won't stand behind it !

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