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HP 630 Business Notebook: Been using for only 2 weeks JUST ARRIVED 6/2/2011

CPU: Pentium  P6200(2.13GHz) 3MB L3 Cache

Display: 15.6" LED backlight, Anti-Glare

Video Memory: Shared system memory - Intel HD Graphics Graphic Type: Integrated Card Memory: 4GB DDR3 1333 1 x 4GB __ 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM Hard Disk: 320GB DVD Super Multi LAN and WLAN Dimensions: 14.8" x 9.72" x 1.25" - 1.41" ___ Weight: 5.5 lbs. Battery:  6-cell (47 WHr) Lithium-Ion battery ____ 65-watt AC adapter


Problem: Business Notebook randomly has a corruption on the screen. I have monitored my pc right before event occurs and have used CPUID to monitor system temperatures. Temperatures stayed at a cool CORE #0_82*F and CORE#1_97*F.  Screen randomly blanks out to a longitudinal pattern of strings on screen. Fan starts to get really loud during the previous onscreen corruption. Fan builds to a point that shuts the notebook off. Upon turning back on I get a message: Thermal Shutdown.

Prediction: Notebook is not overheating to begin with> It does not overheat until the screen corrupts to the string pattern.

Below is my experience with a "Technical Support Engineer" somewhere in INDIA.

USER COMMENTARY OF Troubleshooting:


Troubleshooting UNFINISHED:


EU stated that the unit overheats. User: No, Overheating is not exactly the cause of the problem. Temperatures seem to remain below 160 degrees F. OR 71 degrees C during times of high use and idles at 98 degrees F. on average. I have been monitoring the system using CPUID and it does not show signs of overheating necessarily.


EU mentioned that the unit shuts down. User: Yes, the unit shutsdown while in the middle of a task, such as installing a program or running a CD. Before shutting down something very unusual happens. The screen does not completely black out or shut off, but it stays on showing a longitudinal pattern of various colored lines, as if the screen fails.


Advised the EU to clean the vent NO GO. User: NO, Cleaning out the vent is not a solution. This notebook is 2 weeks old. There isn't dust trapped inside the notebook. I could understand if it was a year old. Two weeks isn't enough time to collect a significant amount of dust or lint. It is pretty dumb to advise cleaning vents. FAN IS WORKING PERFECTLY FINE.


EU mentioned that the fan spins very fast. User: Yes, Fan Builds up RPM upon the screen being corrupted. Once screen messes up the fan starts spinning faster. The machine gets hot after the screen corrupts causing the fan to build RPM until PC shuts down automatically.


EU when tries to power the unit gets a message thermal shut down.
User: Yes, the screen being corrupted causes the shutdown. Upon turning the machine back on the PC shows a Bios Report of a "THERMAL SHUTDOWN."

Summary Troubleshooting: The overheating of this machine doesn't occur until the screen becomes corrupted. Upon the monitor going out the machines FAN is then building RPM (to compensate for heat);
therefore, overheating is not necessarily the issue. What is causing the screen to go out? Could it be a Hard Drive ERROR?


IF OVERHEATING IS THE CAUSE: Why is the fan delayed until the screen goes out to compensate for the sudden build up of heat?

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Re: HP 630 Random SCREEN Corruption/ THERMAL SHUTDOWN

I got the same problem for my new HP 630 received yesterday. It shut down 5 times since yesterday even after I did the latest BIOS upgrade to F.17. I have to return this laptop. It's a shame.

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Re: HP 630 Random SCREEN Corruption/ THERMAL SHUTDOWN

Hi ,

This is a peer-to-peer community for customers to connect and share solutions regarding their HP products.

You may have a better response at the forums for business support, if you'd like to give them a try:

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This might be a fix

Even if your bios is up to date, go to hpcom search for drivers for your particular notebook.


  1. Install both available BIOs updates
  2. Get two objects of similar size and put them beneath the pegs in the rear of the notebook. This will allow for better airflow between surface and suction fan (which is located on the bottom of the HP 630, HORRIBLE DESIGN, their should be a suction vent from the rear).
  3. Make sure your running a screen saver
  4. Go to POWER OPTIONS and change the "Choose what closing the lid does" settings.

Shut the lid while not in use to let the monitor cool off.


Even if you do any of these things and it works for you, I would still advise everyone to try your best to return

this notebook. They sold it cheap, because they knew it had problems.


If you send it into HP your most likely wasting you money on shipping, because they will not do a thorough analyses to

fix this for you. Before I bought this I was warned by poeple not to buy HP and I didn't listen. Now I am stuck with a shotty,

horribly designed notebook with problems. I am going to try to get my money back.



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Re: This might be a fix

So, if I get this right, the way to fix my BRAND NEW computer, I have to ghetto-rig the dang thing.  Lame.  Shame on you HP!  I would never have bought this laptop if given a choice.  I am a veteran who is stuck with whatever the VA chooses to get me.  If it was up to me, I would have chosen Toshiba!  But, I'm stuck with a poorly designed computer.  The HP 630 sucks.  Looks like I will sell this POS on E-bay to try and buy a Toshiba!

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Re: HP 630 Random SCREEN Corruption/ THERMAL SHUTDOWN

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U r correct I bought the laptop 2 days back and facing the same problem of thermal shutdown. Even i ccould not turn on it for morethan 2 min. I could not install my operting system till now.


Can i get any solution to resolve the problem or only replacement is the solution. Please suggest me on this and try to give more informtaion how to replace it and can i rplace it with the HP service station or need to carry out with the deler whre i bought.


Pleas post me at: [text removed for privacy]



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Re: HP 630 Random SCREEN Corruption/ THERMAL SHUTDOWN

I'm having the exact same problem with an almost new hp 630.  What is the solution to the screen corruption leading to thermal shutdown issue?  Should I contact HP to return the laptop for one that's designed better?

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Re: HP 630 Random SCREEN Corruption/ THERMAL SHUTDOWN

i have the same problem, laptop is 1 week old. Could anybody help please

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Re: HP 630 Random SCREEN Corruption/ THERMAL SHUTDOWN

This issue is still not solved, unless the solution is returning the laptop for a refund.  Please update the thread to reflect the lack of solution.

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Re: HP 630 Random SCREEN Corruption/ THERMAL SHUTDOWN

I have purchased HP630  on Sept 28, 2011 from a HP distributor in India. I found that this laptop suddenly goes to shutdown.  I am using this LAPTOP for programming & commissioning of continuous control systems used in refineries. This unpredictable shutdown can cause a serious & costly damage to the running system. Laptop is under warranty & is using licensed version of windows 7 professional with latest updates. Also the licensed antivirus is always running.


Just before shutdown fan runs with full speed & screen is completely frozen & mouse movement (USB as well as built-in mouse) is disabled. On number of occasions I have lost the changes done in the program. Luckily so far no greater damage has taken place. But looks like one can't trust the reliability of this HP 630 when it is most required .


Hope HP shall give solution to this issue.





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