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HP Pavilion dv7-7135us Notebook PC Freezes

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This is my first HP I have owned and I'm not very impressed! 


The system was purchased September of 2012.  It consistently lockups for no apparent reason or warning.  I have run the diagnostic programs that came with the system and no issues have been detected.  I have noticed that the hard drive light is constantly "on" as if the system is accessing it all the time....not normal for any system. 


I would like to know if anyone has any recommendation as to what could be causing the system to malfunction?  Or how to get in-touch with a live person at HP. 


Update: Contacted tech support on Tuesday 2/5/2013 was assisted by Rohan, a very pleasant person but I felt he lacked the knowledge needed to help resolved the issue. I'm very concern with the fact that HP allows individuals to access clients PC's without them having the proper training or the know-how in following basic troubleshooting steps such as working with system tools; for example the Event Viewer. I felt that he depended to much on HP Support Assistant tool.  I say this after observing Rohan stumbling through the system in an attempt to access the command prompt and not being able to verify existing driver information while making assumptions that the current drivers where outdated. In fact, Rohan attempted to download a video driver prior to verifying the current version on the system. 


I was aslo disappointed that during the hour and a half spent on the phone with him, very little interaction occurred. It appeared to me he had me on mute while he was being assisted by another individual.  In the end, his solution was that I needed to reinstall the operating system and all of my software which in his mind would resolved the issue. At this point, as you can imagine, I was not happy at all with this resolution.  I demanded that a second tier agent contact me.  By 8:00 pm that evening I received a call from another technician who confirmed the issue that I was experiencing as well as the steps taken in order to troubleshoot the lock-up/freeze. He suggested that the notebook be looked at by one of their technician and that he would send the necessary information and box in order to send the unit for repair. 


I very interested to know what they will find once they recieve the unit back at their service center. 


One last note. I went ahead an reformatted the drive and reinstalled the operating system that came with the system. No other software was loaded and within the hour as I was surfing the web using IE the system locked-up again.      



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Re: HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC Freezes

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Hello bluis35.  I understand you're having an issue in which your notebook constantly freezes.

You said that you had run the diagnostics for the machine.  Does this mean you've run the tests for both the hard drive and RAM?  These are the two most common causes of locks/freezes outside of software problems.

Have you noticed the notebook getting warm?  If the notebook gets too warm it would also cause the same symptoms.  Follow these steps to clean the cooling system of the notebook.  This is good preventative maintenance and I suggest performing it once every two or three months as dust/debris will build up.  This is unlikely to be the issue on such a new notebook, however.

Another common cause of random lockups are software related.  You should ensure that all of your drivers and system software are up-to-date by running HP Support Assistant and Windows Update.  A third software cause would be malicious software such as viruses or malware.  Make sure to scan your system with your anti-virus program.  If you do not have an anti-virus application I suggest Microsoft Security Essentials but do not install two anti-virus programs.  You should also scan the system using an adware/malware scanner.  For this I suggest using MalwareBytes.

If these steps are unable to resolve your issue or you would just rather contact HP Support directly you can give them a call at 1-800-474-6836 if you're in the US/Canada.  If you're in another country you'll need to visit HP Support Worldwide to get your region's contact information.

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Re: HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC Freezes


To answer your question regarding the diagnostics.  Yes. I did have the diagnostic program run completely (this includes hard drive and RAM). As for overheating, I do not believe it to be an issue since I have not found the system to be generating accessive heat. As for preventative maintenance, I am well aware of the issues caused by dust and it's effects on the system and as you mention, this should not be the issue considering the system has had this issue from the onset.  


Also, I wiped the drive clean then loaded the operating system along with the drivers and still had lock up issues. This indicates, at least to me, that there is ether physical issue or poorly configured driver.  To rule out a faulty driver I have been using the boot log and event viewer to weed out possible faulty drivers or applications and through trial and error have been able to prevent any further lock-up from occurring.  At least for the last 2 weeks.


Lastly, I did contacted HP support personnel, as stated in the original post, and have found them (at least tier one) to lack the basic knowledge needed to troubleshoot. As for their tier 2 person, they wanted me to send back the system in order to troubleshoot the issue.  For the moment, this is not an option that I want to take.


Thanks for taking the time to write.


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