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Hp Envy m6 Notebook Overheating

Hi, this is my first time using the Hp website, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right spot for this; correct me if I'm wrong.

Ever since I've bought my Hp laptop about 3 months ago it has had heat problems, the spot left of the trackpad getting really hot. Then shortly after the computer proceeding to turn itself off, even with the slightest use. With simply playing Minecraft & 1 tab of Chrome open my laptop is getting to the point where it is on fire. I've tried using a fan under it, and the laptop still overheated. Even on a flat surface such as a desk it still is doing this. I've updated the BIOS as recommended on a post that I read on the forums. The fan worked like never before, it was loud, but it did that job properly. I've cleaned my vents with a can of compressed air, and done everything I know how to do. I don't want to take the laptop apart or take it to a professional, because that's just too much time and money.


I've included the BIOS update that I have, please link me to a new version if there is one. Is there anyway to change the speed at which the fan is blowing? Another off topic question here is when the battery gets low it makes an ear piercing beap. I've woken up to it at 3 in morning a couple times now beeping because it's almost dead. The laptop wakes itself up and makes these shreaks for a charger. I don't care if it runs out of battery, and if I did I still wouldn't want it to be that annoying. How can I stop it, I've often contemplated throwing it across the room. I understand the nice gesture and all, but this is just ridiculous!


Hp Envy m6 Notebook PC C2L91UA#ABA - BIOS (Configuartion) - F.23 - 12/13/2012 (087B110022305B10000620130)


Windows 8 64-Bit


System overheated

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Re: Hp Envy m6 Notebook Overheating



You have done everything from your end to resolve the issue. This seem to be a Hardware issue and needs to be serviced inside the service center. As you informed that unit is 3 months old this should be covered by the warranty of HP. Please call technical support and get the unit serviced.


If you live in the US, contact HP Here.


If you are in another part of the world, start Here.

Let us know how it goes!

"I work for HP."
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Re: Hp Envy m6 Notebook Overheating

Does the CPU is heavy loading when the fan run noise and overheating? fan speed is adjust by monitoring CPU temperature.

If CPU is heavy loading, please monitor which application use most CPU capacity,  use task manager to catch it, you can close it or use another application to instead it.  If CPU heavy loading but no application in tast manager caused it, maybe virus or spyware.

If CPU is not heavy loading but FAN is noise, could you use a tool to monitor CPU/video card temperature? low CPU loading but high temerature should related with heatsink system, which may caused by below

1) air vent is block, need clean.

2) the touch between heatsink and CPU is not firm, are there silica gel.

3)  the cool air go from bottom of notebook then go through Fan then go through heatsink, fan is force to run this route, there is tape to prevent air escape. check the route.

4) there is material to conduct heat in the pipe of heatsink, so need to replace heatsink.


overall I see you want to try by yourself, but sometimes still need to goto service center.

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Re: Hp Envy m6 Notebook Overheating

I received a private message from someone telling me to email Help@HP.Com with information such as my laptops serial number & my home address/phone. Is that something I shouldn't do or is that alright?

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Re: Hp Envy m6 Notebook Overheating

You should just call into HP to get the notebook sent in for repair because given all the information and troubleshooting you've done that's the next step to getting the overheating issue resolved 


I'm an HP Employee

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Re: Hp Envy m6 Notebook Overheating

my hp laptop has been overheating and shuts down all the time i sent it in 3 times for them to say it didnt reach 96 degrees. if it is on table or the fan it still shuts down does anyone have any suggest for me



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Re: Hp Envy m6 Notebook Overheating

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Hello @elizba5,


 I understand you’re having an overheating issue, is that correct? I will try to help you.


Can you please provide the full model of the computer you have, If you are unsure where to locate that information have a look at this link for help if needed.


Please respond back at your earliest convenience.




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Re: Hp Envy m6 Notebook Overheating

Had the same problem from day one. My solution: elevated back of notebook about 3cm by sticking an eraser under it and have a desk fan blowing underneath it. It works but I'm getting chilled at times myself.

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Re: Hp Envy m6 Notebook Overheating

Thanks Jamesotto i have tried everything they say it wont reach 96 degrees so there is nothing wrong with my laptop but it shuts down on me at  90 but my hard drive went out friday so anthor service repair. Thanks for trying to help

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