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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I have a laptop here that won't boot, the HP logo comes on, the little circular animation happens for 10 or 20 seconds and then it just goes to an unresponsive black / grey screen. If I boot into various DEL / F2 / ESC options and run tests, everything is fine ...
If I get it to boot from a Windows USB using F9 everything is fine, in fact uninstalling a Windows Update works, Resetting Windows works, everything you would normally do works ... until it Boots !!!
I can get into the BIOS, I've reset it to defaults, everything works as I would expect ... UNTIL a reboot, which reverts to the original problem ... this surely is a corrupt BIOS ?!?
I have tried resetting the BIOS using the WIN+B reset, it finishes, reboots and no difference !!!
I've downloaded the latest version of the BIOS from the website using my Desktop, it's an EXE file, but for the life of me I cannot find an explanation of how to get this from my Desktop to the Laptop !!! I am told to use certain Apps, but I can't, my PC is not HP and is not the one with the problem, I've downloaded a utility that supposedly works, HP USB Recovery Flash Disk Utility but it only works with Window 7 ... excuse me while I scream and cry with frustration !!!

Can somebody please explain to me, in easy. casual, clear English, how I am supposed to get this downloaded BIOS .EXE file from my PC to this bloody laptop ?!?!?

Yours in frustration ...

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When you download the BIOS exe file and run it on the PC (different PC) it gives you the option to create a USB recovery drive.




It sounds like a problem with the OS or the actual Hard Drive

Have you tried performing a clean install of Windows on the machine?


Hope it helps,



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Thanks for getting back to me, apologies for my delay in replying, we had a family kids party today !!
I've downloaded the BIOS .exe file on my PC, I can put it on a USB but HOW do I run it on the laptop ? This is my problem, I am assuming that I need to run one of these special HP BIOS update Apps, but there are no really CLEAR instructions as to how to do it !!!

I can run a Windows installation and it's all absolutely fine until it tries to reboot, then we go back to the original problem !!!

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OK, on closer reading of the HP blurb, I realise I now have to run the downloaded BIOS update on my own PC in order to create the USB to use on the problem laptop (I didn't want to risk damaging my own BIOS originally, obviously, but hadn't read the instructions properly), however, the instructions then are rubbish !!!

I've run the download and created the Files on my USB drive, but the instructions then say :

1. Power off the device to be recovered.
2. Insert the Flash drive into a USB port.
3. Power on the device.
4. The device may reboot up to 3 times, with indicator lights on the keyboard flashing or the screen appearing blank for a short time.

How are these instructions helpful ? This is not a bootable USB drive, the PC doesn't see it as one so ignores it !!! How does this work, can anybody please explain it properly !!!

I have tried putting the USB in and holding the Windows+B keys when starting the laptop but that fails with the following :

The system BIOS recovery failed.
Unable to open BIOS image file.



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