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Laptop Overheat Shuts Down

Hello All!


I have an HP Pavilion dv2098ea notebook. Used to run games for hours back in the day. Now it is about 3 years old, still treats me well, but I am unable to play games on it for more than 10 minutes as the laptop just shuts itself down.


The screen will fade out, it will take a second then it will just turn the power off, not a normal shut down. Usually it heats up pretty good while gaming, but I keep it well ventilated and got a laptop cooler pad as well.  I have dusted the heat sinks and replaced the thermal glue (or whatever it is called, which connects the heat sink to the processor). I'm not sure if the problem is the CPU or the GPU over heating. My laptop has an Nvidia Gefore Go 7200 and I have updated the drivers. My laptop also has most current BIOS.


Please let me know what you think is the culprit and what I can do.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Laptop Overheat Shuts Down

  Hi, I am not an expert, but you can try disassembling your laptop and clean the dust and garbage stuck around the fan. You can find some videos on youtube how to disassemble your laptop. The other thing to do is to close running applications while playing games. Eg: antivirus programs, skype, torrent clients…

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Re: Laptop Overheat Shuts Down

I have an HP dv4000 that overheats.  It has been cleaned but still shuts down.


I am very unhappy with the HP laptops.  I will not purchase another HP product unless a rebate or some other monitary help is offered. 


My Sony laptops are still running with no cleaning.  They run 24/7 since 1999!!!!!!


What gives HP?

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Re: Laptop Overheat Shuts Down

Hi Diirewolf,

I am having the same problem on my HP dv6000 notebook with a NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS display card. Did you find anything else that worked? My notebook is 2 1/2 years old, and it worked fine for the last 2 years, and recently, like the last 3-4 months, it will shut down, and be very hot. I'll have to let it sit for a few minutes until it will start up again...



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Re: Laptop Overheat Shuts Down

I am very disappointed. I have the extended 2 year warranty. I have returned the HP Pavilion Notebook 5 times. I basically have a brand new computer with the new parts they have installed previously. My computer savy friend was impressed and anxious to see how it performed after being entirely rebuilt.


 I have had two new fans installed on separate occasions.


I placed the HP stationary on a flat surface with ample air flow and have the room at an air temp of 75. It just shut down for the fifth time. I am typing right now on my 2008 Dell with added memory for 18.00.



I will never buy a HP again. I wouldn't recommend an HP for college students, or for anyone.


I am done.

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Re: Laptop Overheat Shuts Down

We have an HP Pavilion dv9817cl and it also gets hot and shuts down. I got mine through Sam's Club with extendend warranty. Hopefully it is still under the extra extended warranty since we purchased it with a Business/plus member also. Such a pain to have it shut down so quickly when you are in the middle of something that you didn't get a chance to save anything!

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Re: Laptop Overheat Shuts Down



there is probably something wrong with processor’s fan. The fan keeps blowing air on to the processor and motherboard which in turn helps the system stay comparatively cool. In case the fan stops working or does not work as efficiently as it is supposed to – you must get it checked and then get it replaced. Usually fans are damaged because too much lint and dust stores within the computer which causes your HP laptop overheating problems.

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