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Paviliion dv6-2030 sa Overheating? (Got it seen to a few times)

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Hi there,


I've had my laptop since probably 2009-2010 (Pavillion dv6-2030SA) and a year ago now it randomly froze and never unfroze. During these freezes, I would hear the fan roar as if somehow the laptop had suddenly flared up (the base was always extremely hot and really hot to touch near what, I assume , is the gpu/cpu area near the fan.).


This fan would be really loud and then I would be forced to power it off by holding down the power button. If i tried to start it up again after this freeze, it would start up for maybe 1-2seconds and then stop. How long it started powering up before stopping varied.

From what i can remember, it spent longer starting up and then stopping when the laptop became cooler i.e. this is why i believe it was overheating issue.


The freezes used to occur when I was just browing the internet and after 15 minutes of use the laptop would usually freeze until i repeat the process.

I remember the laptop freezing faster (only lasting 5-10mins before a freeze) when i started a simple 360p youtube video (I assumed it might have been a flash player problem but it wasnt...)


After a while this problem got worse and worse until I got it seen to and someone said the 'motherboard is dead'.

However, even now it can fully load up to the desktop at times and I can go on the internet etc and then after 15mins the laptop would crash and the same problem appears.


In addition now, someitmes only a black screen will appear on start up. Othertimes it will show the usual login etc.


I think either the CPU or GPU is overheating or both and causing issues. 


What should I do? My warranty expired in 2010 but I want to use this laptop if I can and somehow get it repaired.


If you require any more information please ask.


My Laptop has the standard Windows 7 Home Premium OS

I think 4 gig RAM

and some (in-built?) graphics card whose name I don't remember


Many thanks,


~ Kash


 Edit: Also wanted to add that I really don't want to wipe the contents of the hardrive. 


Also wanted to clarify a bit about the display.

The screen is permanently black until I attach it with a VGA cable to a monitor. Then it will produce a display on btoh screens oddly.


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Re: Paviliion dv6-2030 sa Overheating? (Got it seen to a few times)

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Hi KaezePhoenix:


After reading your post I see that it is overheating and is automatically  shutting down.

I am here to assist you!


I am sending you a link to "Troubleshooting an Overheating and Auto shutdown Issue"  click here.

This will guide you through some test that should answer your questions. You could also run the HP support assistant and it will look for any updates and try to resolve issues.  click here.

For your own peace of mind I would recommend backing up any data. If it is the motherboard,  it could fail. Once this has happened it is a lot harder and much more expensive it you need to have  the data retrieved for you. Please let me know the results.


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