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Presario v5000 shuts down abruptly

Seems the issue started not long ago when on battery power, w/o warning, the laptop would just do a hard shutdown.  This is the 2nd battery on this laptop.  I was not able to figure out that issue and now it seems to have gotten worse. 


Now the laptop won't stay on for a couple minutes even when on AC power.  I have tried two different AC adapters, each with and without the battery in the laptop.  Regardless, it will power up for about a minute or two, then abruptly turn off.  It doesn't matter if I am sitting at the BIOS screen or going into Windows, so that rules the OS out.  I have removed and reseated the RAM.  I don't suspect the HDD in this case.  When plugged in w/the battery attached, the charge light flashes but the power adapter stays cool, so it's not charging.  At this point, the battery is totally depleted and it won't power up without AC power.  When I do power it up, the fan comes on for about a second at fullspeed, like always.  From there, everything seems fine and then it will just turn off w/o warning.  I did reset the BIOS to deaults, but those values haven't been changed in years.  This is definately a hardware issue. 


I'd hate to part this little guy out on ebay, but that's my thought if I can't figure out the issue here.


I've torn apart a few computers in my time, so I'm not afraid to do that.  Taking a guess, I'd say there's maybe a faulty power management device that directs power to the battery for charging as well as to the rest of the components for power.  I'm more familiar with desktop PSU's. Or maybe there's a bad temp sensor that's signaling a thermal boundry has been exceeded.  It's possible the thermal paste is beyond it's rated life too.  I'd expect the fan to be maxed out though.


Anyone got an idea or some experience with this? 


FYI, it's a Sempron with 2GB RAM and the original HDD.



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Re: Presario v5000 shuts down abruptly


I dont own a Presario...although i down own HP Pavilion DV6700 and i have the same problem with the laptop simply turning off i have tried all the necessary routes and even done a factory restore and for half a day it worked fine until the same problem arose. Having done extensive research on this it turns out that HP made laptops with faulty motherboards and also NVIDIA GPU problems (where the screen goes black). I am having this problem with just simply turning off as i write and it will not stay on for longer than 30 secs ....i am at a loss and mad at HP for making these laptops with this known laptop is as good as a doorstop now.............grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Does you Compaq shutdown properly or just turn off?

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Re: Presario v5000 shuts down abruptly

Mine experiences a hard shut down - ie, power goes and the laptop is off.  There is no OS shutdown. 


Oddly enough while playing with it, I was able to get it up and running for several hours, w/o the battery inserted - just on the AC power only.  It ran fine while surfing and emailing, etc, for at least 3 or 4 hours.  I shut it down and brought it back up just the same and it shut off in less than 3 minutes.  So it was just a fluke.


This laptop is 5 years old now and has always given great service, so I can't blame HP.  There's just some sort of mechanical failure, probably minor I'd think, but fatal!  It's like the $2 part that fails and your car doesn't start because of that! 


We were gonna get a new one this summer, so basically our time line got moved up a a bit.



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