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[Recall] HP Pavilion dv67xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating



I have been using HP Laptop for last 3 years now. From last year I have been experiencing Overheating problem. The overheating is obvious when I play Flash videos. The solution when I contacted HP Customer care was to keep the vents well ventilated & clean from dust. However, it is not working out. Due to overhearing now my keyboard also has stopped working. I had thought that this might be because of AMD processor, so I searched on the net for a solution to this problem.


It came to my notice that it is primarily due to faulty NVIDIA graphics chip and after a court order they have ordered a mass recall. Source: 

However, to my surprise my laptop version does not appear in the list (, neither do i see a recall notice for any of the listed laptops in HP customer support site.


My laptop configuration: HP Pavilion dv6748us

- AMD Turion 64x2

- NVidia GeForce Go 7150M



Could anyone please guide me what needs to be done?

Thanks in advance.


Best regards,


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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv67xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

I too have the nvidia problem. I always use a cooler pad with a couple of fans but all of the sudden scrambled screen then black and won't start. I believe it is the video chip from what I have read, however I was not notified in any way of the defect. Therefore I was not able to join the class action lawsuit as it happened after March 14th deadline which was the last day to join. I did register my laptop when it was purchased and thought that the reason for that was to notify folks of any problems. I found a video on you tube on how to remedy the problem but it looks too intense for me. I will now purchase a non HP laptop.



My laptop configuration: HP Pavilion dv6910us

AMD Turion 64x2

 NVidia GeForce Go 7150M



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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv67xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

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You got to be kidding me!


Only now do i find out about this recall and its just finished not long ago. And this is exactly what i need TT


After my computer froze for the i-dont-know-how-many-times, this time it wouldnt start up. I opened it, cleaned all the dirt out got it working a little bit:


If i start in Safe mode, i get to see the desktop screen for a minute before it imediately cuts the power.

If i start in normal mode, i get to see the windows is loading screen for a split second before it cuts power.


Since Safe mode uses less graphics power, and since the last time it worked i was playing a game and a video at the same time, i think that makes it a graphics card issue. Now i dont know what to do, this recall thing should of went on longer! this is stupid what do i do now?



I have a dv6709ax

AMD Turion 64x2


Not sure of GPU (probably same as the 2 ppl above me)


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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv67xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

I too have been experiencing the heating issue. I burned myself a few times from this laptop and am wondering why HP doesn't remedy the issue. What are they waiting for? 

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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv90xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

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I have been experiencing this problem since I purchased this laptop back in 10/20/2006, and I sent it in twice to HP for repairs they have known all along about this problem and have not informed the consumer about it.  I am really mad that this has reached my ears this late {Content Removed: legal discussion} for neglecting to inform US about the potential danger this product could cause.  And its truly funny that my laptop has been registered since then and my email has always been the same and I only heard this news from a repair man I called yesterday 8/31/2011 to see if I could get it repaired AGAIN and when I call HP they tell me my product is conveniently obsolete how funny is that!!!!!  And as for this MASS RECALL NVIDIA has supposedly done, this is the first I hear of it and like I said not by HP nor NVIDIA but a repair man so now I say to HP and NVIDIA who is going to reimburse me for all my problems with this laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv90xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

So has HP responded to any of you about this?  Mine's been dying slowly for the past 8 months and now it's completely gone. With the small amount I use my laptop, you shouldn't have to buy a new one every 3 years - especially when this one cost me $1,500 including Office & 'extended' warranty.

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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv90xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

I have a Pavillion dv6910. The computer is a little over 3 years old. In the 3 years I've had it, I've have more

problems with it, then time to enjoy it. First the power cord was defective, then the battery failed to charge and finally went dead within the first 14 months of ownership. The computer would shut down on it's own, and finally it won't turn on at all,  the lights come on and go off without the computer booting. I called, about the battery and was told my computer was out of warranty. I was upset, because the battery should have lasted much longer than 14 months. I didn't use my computer all day everyday. When it went totally dead I realized the battery was defective. Batteries don't go completely dead unless their drained, shorted, or left uncharged, or defective. I found out about the battery recall after searching the web trying to find a replacement battery. I called HP and told them about my findings of the battery recall. They said my model battery was not included in the recalled. I mentioned to them that my battery did the same thing that the recalled batteries did and that it needed to be included. I don't know if they included my battery model in the recall. But I do know it did the same thing as the batteries on the recall list. It is for that reason I feel that all the Pavillion laptops that are having the same hardware problems should be recalled. I have seen within a half of a day more youtube videos of Pavillion laptops with the same problem or close to the same problem as mine. Then is believable. I've read the complaints. The request for help. I've heard people saying the very same thing I am saying. which Is ( I paid to much money for this computer... For it  to ony work for 14 months). HP you need to do the right for customers. We the people bought your product because we had faith in your name HP. But if the way we are beening treated is any indication of how much you care about your customers. We have been totally fooled by the HP Brand. To you Pavillion model owners. I've read your stories, I saw your videos. I have taken the HP beat-down, If you know what I mean. One last thing. I saw a very funny youtube video. A fella showed the laptop wouldn't come on. He then took a plastic container, it appeared to have water in it. He starting pounding on the Pavillion laptop and then just lifted it up and threw it. How much does an average Pavillion laptop cost. It's not peanuts. Call for HP to do the right thing. Recall the Pavillion laptops. The computers are defective- For Sure. LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!!!  [WHERE DO YOU HAVE YOUR PAVILLION LAPTOP AT?????].  Please excuse errors.

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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv90xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

 I believe it is the video chip from what I have read, however I was not notified in any way of the defect.

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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv90xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

I have a HP dv7 that started giving me black screen problems, then finally died.  The laptop has been in use for less than a year!  The repair shop said overheating is a common problem with the hp laptops and that this has been known by hp for some time.  The overheating softens a solder point on the motherboard and a chip (maybe the graphics chip?) lifts off the board.  He gives the repair no more than a year to survive, then I'll have the problem again. 


No where do you see or hear about this BEFORE you buy an HP laptop.  If anyone from HP is reviewing these posts, be sure that I will never buy another laptop again.  It goes to show you not to buy from some electronics warehouse market - spend the extra and go toa small repair outfit that knows where the problems are!  I spent $800 on this laptop and it will last at best 2 1/2 years.  Absolutely criminal.

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Re: [Recall] HP Pavilion dv90xx laptop - NVIDIA GPU Overheating

I ve been thru it.

Just disassemble the processor fan and clean it thoroughly using the service and maintenance guide provided online by HP  for repair services. Or bring them the comp to clean.



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