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Sleep problem with my 5 days old Pavilion dv 3 4170ee

I just bought a new laptop Pavilion dv3 4170ee from United Arab Emirates. When ever i put my laptop on sleep, it doesn't wake up even if tap on the mouse pad or open the lid. The power button blinks and even holding the power button for 10 to 15 sec doesn't work also.


I have to manually take out the battery and then start all over again.

Please advice !

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Re: Sleep problem with my 5 days old Pavilion dv 3 4170ee

Can someone please help me put here ??

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Re: Sleep problem with my 5 days old Pavilion dv 3 4170ee

I have the exact same problem with my Pavilion dv5.  I even altered the settings to never go into sleep mode but sometimes (most of the time) when I close the lid it gets stuck in sleep mode.  Have to take out the battery to get it working again.  It's very frustrating.  Does anybody have an ideas?

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Re: Sleep problem with my 5 days old Pavilion dv 3 4170ee

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Please check below link to tutorial:

How to Troubleshoot a Vista or Windows 7 Sleep Mode Problem



Important informations:


How to find latest Bios update and graphic driver for specific model?


1. Click on Support & Drivers link. (Upper part of this page.)


2. In search box type your laptop product number (p/n).



       How to Locate the Notebook p/n


3. Choose ' Next '.


4. Click ' Software & Driver Downloads '.


5. Use the dropdown selector to select correct operation system and click ' Next '.


6. Click the sign next to ' BIOS ' or ' Driver - Graphics ' and there will be latest update.



Bios update is always very risky. Your notebook may not boot after this step, so be careful and have full patience. You will perform this update at your own risk. I do not take responsibility for any problems.



How to update Bios?

First check which Bios version you've got now. This information may be very helpful if ther will be any problem.


Connect the notebook to the AC power supply.

Disconnect from the internet. Exit from all programs that you are running. Disable anti-virus and firewall.

Execute the Bios update exe file. It may take some time. Allow the notebook to restart after applying the updated BIOS.


While this update is running do not:


  • switch off your laptop, 
  • disconnect AC power supply,
  • try to run any software or do anything on it .
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Re: Sleep problem with my 5 days old Pavilion dv 3 4170ee

Solution for hp laptop not waking up from sleep

Since last year I was having problem with HP laptop dm4t. My computer was intermittently not resuming from sleep. After opening the lid, power button led and wireless button led used to blink but computer did not wake up. I had to remove battery and then restart to recover.
I think I have successfully traced down this problem to the intel hd driver version 8.771.1.0 (or any version higher than 8.741.1.1) . You can see if you have this installed by going to Control Panel-->System-->Device Manager-->Display Adapters-->Intel HD Graphics and then clicking on Driver tab. This driver needs to be downgraded to the version (8.741.1.1). Only way to do this correctly is to uninstall both (a) ATI Mobility Radeon (b) Intel HD Graphics by right clicking on their names in the device manager.

After doing this you should see these two disappear from device manager. Then restart your computer. After reboot, windows will automatically install the driver for you. But ATI Catalyst control panel will not be installed automatically. To do that go to and then get the following AMD driver version by selecting your model, operating system and then 'software and driver downloads'. Select 'Driver-Graphics'-->'AMD High-Definition Graphics Driver' 


After installing reboot this once more.

Then, again go to the device manager and check the driver version, it should show 8.741.1.1. This is it, never upgrade again!

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