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Zbook G3 Studio bios update and bricked

Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

Hi everyone

A update to my bios rendered my brand new laptop unusable so my bios data now is corrupted.

I had previous worked bios version 1.14 then i installed the latest bios update v1.15a using bios update option through ethernet cable

Then my laptop now blinks caps lock 8 time then i hit esc+arrowup+arrowdown then it blinks 2 times which means it cannot get a recovery bios image.

I also tried hard reset or usb + win+b but it's not working.

I also have to mention that i deleted HP_TOOLS partiotion before this happen.


I tried to make the recovery usb but it's not loading it i see no led bilnk on usb stick so no usb activity. I also see a short blink of a hdd drive led when i push the power button before i see the two blinks. I don't know if this is kid of a sign for init of the  HP Sure Start Embedded Controller (EC) or it really tries to read the ssd

I read all about surestart technology which resides inside EC flash chip.

However since my EC chip is still working. I assume that usb recovery is broken or missing from EC firmware and since i deleted my recovery partition from my ssd drive i assume maybe EC is still looking for some files on the ssd? Am i right?


I'm also asking this because i already read on other threads that after people see 2 caps blinks and win+b not working they usually end replacing the laptop's mainboard on warranty. I also called HP in my country and they told me the same.


So since SureStart handles such a thing NOT for this to happen. Is it possible to rebuild HP_TOOLS partition whith the necessary files that SureStart expects to recover from there? And it will work?

I plan maybe to remove the ssd drive and put it in another laptop then i want to put the files back there to be loaded by EC

Where i can get this files from? Or can someone help me and give to me a archive file with all the contents of his HP_TOOLS partition for this model?


If this SureStart thing is broken on zbook g3 and needs fixing it's very very sad. But i hope maybe i broke it and i can make it back to work without replacing the mainboard


Any help would be appreciated

Thank you




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