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hp mini won't boot: black screen

Have an HP Mini 210. It started refusing to boot last week for no apparent reason. When the power button is pressed, the fan, power light, and amber wireless light turn on, but the screen does nothing. I tried the following: taking battery out and holding power switch for 30 seconds, putting in a bootable usb flash drive.


What fixed it was to remove battery, remove back cover, remove the memory, replace battery and AC adapter, boot, notice the caps lock key is blinking, shut down, replace memory, replace cover, boot again.

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Re: hp mini won't boot: black screen

So the notebook boots up now?

You might want run memory diagnose, based on your description, this could be either bad memory module or memory module somehow got loose in the slot.

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Re: hp mini won't boot: black screen

I have a similar problem except that my daughter's mini goes a step further. It asks if I want to start normally or launch startup repair.  Whichever I choose, it next says Windows is loading files. After a time, I get a splash screen which is blue with sunlight emanating from the top and the mouse pointer.  That is where the computer stays. The hard drive light blinks intermittently, but there is no other activity.  The night before, we took the back cover off to see where to replace the RAM.  We didn't take anything out, but we did pop the ram up (not out though).  Is there an easy button for this?

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Re: hp mini won't boot: black screen

my hp min 210 1106 does nothing...when i press the power button , caps lock is on continous... fan is hard disk msg on screen.,,. screen is blank...


please help !!!!


I hav tried removing the ram & cmos battery & then putting it back.,... nothing happened...
I hav also tried pressing keys after powring on like f2 to f10..,, nothing happened

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Re: hp mini won't boot: black screen

Ok, this has happened to my hp mini 110-1012nr about three time so far. I found a way that has fixed it every time, but every couple months or so it happens again. The symptoms are that when I try to start it up, the power light and wireless light come on, but no fan noise, and the screen is black. It doesn't even try to boot up. To fix it, I take out the battery, then take the computer apart, and unplug every connection inside that can be disconnected, plug everything back in and assemble it back together. I have no idea why this works but I suspect the round yellow capacitor looking thing is the culprit since disconnecting the battery doesn't fix it but unplugging the components inside does. Try it out, hope it helps
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Re: hp mini won't boot: black screen no logo, just black screen

I'm having similar issues with my HP mini110 net book. when i try turning it on, the light on the ON button/switch comes on with the wireless light. you can hear the fan spinning but nothing is on the screen. there's a additional light that shown the hard drive that keep flickering faintly.. what can i do to resolve this? I do not have the option of pressing anyone of the function keys so i'm stuck.. your urgen attention is appreciated




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Re: hp mini won't boot: black screen

I am updating my previous post. I had to replace the hard drive. No easy button.
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Re: hp mini won't boot: black screen

Thanks for your replies all you professionals.  I'm a network systems admin and fix computers on the side.


Symptoms.  No full boot.


Silution. Took back cover off after removing the battery.  Thank you HP for making this a simple task!

Removed the hard drive tested it because I never heard activity from it when trying to boot it.

The drive was DEAD.

ALSO.... Checked the memory module... Unbelievable it was hardly seated at all I have no idea how this machine worked barely connecting to the RAM!

Replaced the Hard Drive and am curently installing WinXP Pro on it via USB DVD Drive... Working Like a champ.

Conclusion... Bad Factory Production workmanship and bad quality control by HP.




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Re: hp mini won't boot: black screen

I'm having a similar issue with my hp mini. It get to the windows loading part then the screen turns black and stays that way. I have already test the hd and the mem. through dianostics. Every seems fine, but as you can see its not. Please help!

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Re: hp mini won't boot: black screen

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@jose21, when you boot the notebook, are there any lights on the keyboard? Power light, Caps locks key or does the screen flash at all when booting up? 


Typically when this issue occurs it's either the Hard Drive or the MOBO. In your case you've already tested the HDD and it passed. 

I wouldn’t doubt if you're getting a flash of lights and they all disappear on the keyboard, you're having an issue with the power switch on the MOBO. 

I would suggest calling HP@8004746836 and see what options they have to repair or service the notebook. 

If you have any more questions let me know.



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