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DV6500 - Fail to power on - LEDs light up for 1s then turns off

System Specs:

AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-58 2GB DDR2 160GB SATA 15.4" LCD


All of a sudden this PC shut off and would not boot up.


Now, when you hit the power button, the LEDs at the top of the keyboard as well as above the touchpad light up for maybe 1 second then instantly shut off. In addition, the CPU fan begins to spin then shuts off when the system powers off. 


I've tried with/without battery and while/while not plugged into the AC power adapter. I've tried other working batteries with other working power adapters.


I've tried other, working memory modules. I've reseated the CPU as well as the CPU fan cable. I've completely dissassembled and reassembled the machine hoping there was a loose connection somewhere to no avail.


I'm at the crossroad of deciding to order a replacement CPU or a replacement motherboard (449903-001) in attempt to resolve this problem.


Do you guys have any suggestions as to what this may be? I'm thinking CPU as if it was the system board, I should technically get 5 blinking LEDs per


Then again per the same document, if it was a CPU issue I'd see a single blinking light. Which is not what I'm seeing. I show only the LEDs/CPU fan turn on for <1s then shut down.  When I hit the power button again, same thing.


This seems like a somawhat common problem yet no one has posted their 'solution' to this issue. 


What do you guys suggest?




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Re: DV6500 - Fail to power on - LEDs light up for 1s then turns off

My thoughts are your have a blown motherboard.  My HP is a DV2727.  It failed one year and one month after purchace.  As others have said HP's are designed to fail just past warantee.  However a buddy bought one the same day as I did and his has now run daily for 3 years.  My repair bill was 465 bucks.  Future shop would do nothing about the cost.  Suggested trashing the one year old unit and putting the 465 towards another.  However I was smart enough to use my Mastercard Airmiles card for the payment.  Why.  Cause when you put any purchase on any premium card, any purchases are 2X the manufactures coverage.  My repair was fully reimbursed by Mastercard.  Yes it was the motherboard.  Also Futureshop was a full 3 months doing the fix.  HP never again.  Futureshop for repairs, never again.  The unit has now kept running  since the replacment.  So it is for sure your motherboard.   Run away from HP.  Their service techs speak a very annoying English/Punjab and you can only understan about every 5th word.  No I am NOT recist, just pissed off.


As an aside I have now inherited a HP DV 6500 that shuts down after about 10 minutes.  Seems the 6000 series is full of lemmons.  Problems all over the net with this winner.  Maybe I can keep it for parts.  Just like Chevys most parts look to be swapable.

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Re: DV6500 - Fail to power on - LEDs light up for 1s then turns off

Try doing a Hard Reset. You can do this by removing the battery and unplugging the AC Adapter. Then press and hold the power button on the laptop for about 30 seconds, then put the battery back in and plug in the AC Adapter and try turning it on again.


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    Re: DV6500 - Fail to power on - LEDs light up for 1s then turns off

    I have the same problem and i fixed over heating the nvidia micro with a portasol model p-1k using hot blower tip t-6

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    Re: DV6500 - Fail to power on - LEDs light up for 1s then turns off

    GHope,, I would certainly like to know how that helped. What did you solder?
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    Re: DV6500 - Fail to power on - LEDs light up for 1s then turns off

    DV6000s have a design fault that causes them to overheat. When they overheat, the solder holding the graphics chip onto the board melts and it lifts away from the board. Same goes for the DV9000s. There are lots of videos on Youtube that show technicians using a pen torch to heat it back into place. There's nothing wrong with the board or the CPU - it's just the graphics chip that isn't making contact with the board.

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